You're going to want to steal these routines.

By Jordan Smith
Updated July 08, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

Daisy Ridley’s Instagram is a force to be reckoned with. She likes to keep it real—see her recent face mask mishap and rant about no-makeup selfies—and we always appreciate the star's social media honesty. But we're also big fans of her #FitnessFriday videos, which inspire us to get off our butts and break a sweat even at the end of a looong week.

Her first #FitnessFriday clip, posted last summer, shows Ridley deadlifting 176 pounds(!) and "feeling like an absolute boss."

Her routine since then has only become more intense. Ridley is currently filming Stars Wars: Episode VIII, and working out like a Jedi with trainer Jack Graves. Her dedication is extra impressive in this most recent video (posted early because she knew she wouldn't have time on Friday). Ridley hit the gym between scenes, and had to wear a pillowcase on her head to "protect my REY HAIRSTYLE from Instagram's gaze." Yet she still crushes jump squats, an intense arm circuit, barbell squats, box jumps, and the list goes on. An apropos inspirational quote appears on a whiteboard midway through: "The game is won in your mind."

In the caption of last Friday's post, she wrote that her workout "doesn't look that intense." But after watching her bang out side lunges, kettle bell swings, weighted ab exercises, and more, we beg to differ.

Our favorite clip comes at the end: Collapsed on the floor at the end of her killer sweat sesh, Ridley is all of us.