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Getty ImagesFrom Health magazine“I heard about parabens and sulfites in hair-care products, and I started looking for products without them. Organic prod­ucts dont work for my hair type, so I created my line—Daisy Fuentes Style Pro—without harmful ingredients. (Parabens were especially con­cerning to me, because theyve been found in breast cancer tumors.) It doesnt have the bad stuff, and its sold in drugstores!”

Natural beauty is …
something that comes from within. Its beauty without a lot of effort or bells and whistles.

My natural beauty icon: Audrey Hepburn.

Top skin saver (and its free!):
Water. If you dont drink enough, it shows in your eyes and your skin.

The runner-up (alas, not free):
Tinted moisturizer, because as I get older, keeping it natural is about not using too much powder or anything thats too drying. Laura Mercier is one of my favorites—it has a high SPF of 20, and it works for a night out or a day at the beach.

Top time-saving product: Luminous High Shine Finishing
Spray, from my own line. It freshens your look and adds shine. I can go two or three days without washing my hair when I use it.

Best drop-5-pounds-quick tip:
Dont drink calories! You can drink a meals worth of calories in one Frappuccino or smoothie.

Swimsuit-season prep:
I kick up my workouts so I feel like things arent jiggling as much. And I take care of my skin—I use scrub gloves in the bath a couple of times a week to get rid of dead skin.

Natural energy booster:
In the morning I like a little bit of oolong tea, a Chinese tea known to get your metabolism started. Aside from that, nothing does it for you like a power nap.

Most underrated feature:
I think the shoulders are sensuous. Wearing an off-the-shoulder top can be sexy without being in your face.

I still have to make peace with …
Oh dear, it depends on the day! But I know what I need to work on. I know what I am happy with. I know what will be there for me when I need it to. [Laughs.] You need to make peace with all of it—it all works for you.