This is a game-changer.

By Lindsay Dreyer,
September 14, 2015

Like most celebs, Nashville star Connie Britton has been answering questions about her beauty routine for years. And now, she's finally telling the world how she keeps her hair so shiny. This is kind of amazing, so y'all better be listening.

We told you — amazing, right?

To create the video, Britton teamed up with former Nashville co-star Laura Benanti, who's working with The Representation Project's #AskHerMore campaign. According to People, the campaign encourages reporters to ask women more substantial questions than the usual, "How do you get your hair so pretty?"

Not going to lie — as a site dedicated solely to beauty, we can't resist asking our favorite celebs to divulge their beauty secrets (sorry, Connie!). But as fellow (hair and makeup-loving) feminists, we here at MIMI totally get it — women are so much more than what they put on their heads.

"The message of the video is: 'Don't be afraid of feminism,'" Britton told People. "Don't think that feminism is something that you don't need or something that could be threatening, because look at what it's created already and look at what it can continue to create."

Amen to that! But let's not forget that being feminists and appreciating the wonders of dry shampoo are not mutually exclusive. Just last week, Britton took to Instagram to gave a mega shout-out to her hair and makeup team for making her life "saner" and "prettier every day":

See, ladies? We really can have it all!

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