Ciara Just Dropped Several Bikini Photos and a Clip of Her Dancing: 'Sunshine + Good Vibez'

The singer's looking happy and relaxed in leopard print.

We're officially in the dog days of summer, and Ciara is here for it with a series of new bikini pics she just dropped on Instagram.

"Sunshine Good Vibez 😎," she captioned the photos, which feature the "Level Up" singer wearing a strappy leopard-print two-piece from the front, side, and back. The mom of three ended with a video that showed her dancing while accessorizing her look with a black baseball cap.

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People freaked out in the comments. "3 babies WHERE?!?! 🔥🔥" one person wrote. "Can I get the Ciara workout plan!!! 😍" another said. "Sexiest mom world wide...." someone else chimed in.

About that workout plan… . Ciara gave birth to her third child, son Win Harrison Wilson, in July 2020, and she's been open on Instagram about working hard to maintain her fitness.

″Starting the game plan tomorrow," she captioned a selfie on August 24, 2020, five weeks after she had Win. "Don't know how easy it's going to be considering 3 babies now! Going to work really hard at this! Let's go Mammas."

Ciara started out with gentle workouts with trainer Decker Davis (who also works with her husband, NFL star Russell Wilson) before ramping up to more intense moves. "I show up and I let him do his thing, honestly, but he's always finding ways to challenge me and throwing curveballs, which keeps it fun and keeps me on my toes," Ciara told InStyle in January. "It allows me to never get complacent with the process."

Ciara said that she had diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles during her pregnancy, and she tailored her workouts to help fix that. "Once I discovered that, we had to create a new plan to focus on my core," she said. "So we do a lot of unique core exercises which makes it more fun [than just crunches]. It can be a little challenging, but I like the challenge."

After having her second child, Ciara told Cosmpolitan that she split up her workouts to help her get them in around her schedule. "It was kind of like, wake up in the morning, breastfeed, eat a small meal, go train, come back in, breastfeed, eat another meal, go train, then come back, have another meal, and then a third training session at night," she said. "It was a good challenge, one I set for myself, not for anyone else. Taking care of myself makes me feel really good. And I want to keep it sexy too, you know."

Ciara became an ambassador for WW after having Win. "I think the discovery that you can enjoy all the good food that's out there is always kind of eye-opening and enlightening for people because typically you think you have to do these extreme plans, where you're basically only eating grass or you're not eating much besides celery and carrots, you know?" she told InStyle.

Ciara hasn't shared many details of her latest workout plan, but she clearly stays active with her family.

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