What your favorite Instagram follow wore to the gym this week will make you LOL.

By Lisa DeSantis
September 10, 2015
Getty Images

As if Chrissy Teigen wasn’t enough of an inspiration for us already, now she’s showing us that nothing can stop her from getting to the gym. On Tuesday morning, Teigen showed her Insta followers just how dedicated she is to staying in shape.

“Forgot workout clothes. Wearing Spanx to the gym. Feeling pretty compressed,” she wrote in the caption. Naturally, she poked fun at the situation with the hashtags “nosquats” and “crotchhole.” There’s the Chrissy that we know and love.

The lesson here: You certainly shouldn't make this a regular habit (being that compressed couldn't have been comfortable), but in a pinch you can always get creative. Also. If a Sports Illustrated cover girl (and wife of John Legend) packs Spanx without shame, you've got nothing to fret over either.