No, That's Not Chrissy Teigen's Nipple Peeking Out From Her Low-Cut Robe in Her Latest Instagram Photo

She addresses nip slip rumors in her usual hilarious way.

There’s no doubt that pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding change your body in countless ways. Things swell. Things ache. Things move. And sometimes they don’t move back.

Mom-of-two Chrissy Teigen know this, and it sounds like she's alluding to it in her latest Instagram caption. In the photo, posted on January 15, Teigen is reclining on a red and gold chair in a luxurious room, surrounded by fancy-looking artwork. She’s wearing a sheer black robe, fluffy black mules, and a towel on her head. Basically, she looks like a high society lady of leisure, taking some time out to chill after washing her hair.

In the caption, however, Teigen brings it back to reality, commenting, “it’s not a nip. my nipples are unfortunately much lower.”

Teigen and her husband John Legend have two kids, daughter Luna, born April 14, 2016, and son Miles, born May 16, 2018. Teigen has always been totally frank about all aspects of her parenting experience, from IVF and postpartum depression to breastfeeding and what the female body looks and feels like after having a baby.

In June 2018, a video of Teigen’s “milky boobs” went viral after she put an SOS out on social media. “Please look at my veins going to my milky boobs. What is this?” she asked. (Answer: visible boob veins are totally normal after pregnancy.)

Another postpartum issue every breastfeeding mom will relate to is the lopsided boob. During her pregnancy with Miles, the Lip Sync Battle host shared an aerial picture of her cleavage, showing one breast noticeably bigger than the other—the consequence of nursing daughter Luna predominantly from one side. “View from above. I really should have nursed out of both boobs (when I nursed),” she wrote on Snapchat alongside the pic.

Of course, it’s not only breasts that change after pregnancy and breastfeeding. In June 2018, Teigen shared a video to Twitter with the caption, “mom bod alert!” She zoomed into her stretch marks and said, “Guess these just aren’t gonna go away. This is my new body.”

Instagram users are loving Teigen’s latest reference to her postpartum body. This is one celebrity mom we can rely on to keep it real. “This caption is why you are my hero,” commented one user. Yep, what she said.

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