Her followers are flooding Twitter with fifty shades (or more) of seriously fierce gray hair.


Chrissy Teigen is queen of humor and self-love—just take a look at her Twitter feed, which is filled with self-deprecating jokes, aw-worthy moments with husband John Legend, and plenty of funny retorts to society’s typical beauty standards. In the past, the model and cookbook author has taken to her social platforms to get real about everything from stretch marks and period skin to the occasional spray tan gone wrong.

But Teigen's comments aren’t just relatable—for many, they’re inspiring. Seeing an A-lister embrace her so-called imperfections has motivated others to do the same. So when the model took to Twitter to profess her joy about getting a few gray hairs, the Internet was all ears for her positive spin on what's often a beauty concern for women.

"I have a skunk like streak of grey hair and I’m actually very into it," she wrote earlier this week. "My cruella dreams are coming true!"

By embracing her streaks, Teigen has inspired others to do the same. In the replies to her original tweet, dozens of women are sharing selfies of their own gray strands—and they look incredible.

While we wait to see if Teigen will share a photo of her own "Cruella hair," we’re scrolling through at least fifty shades of gray hair inspo in the replies to her tweet. The best part? Not only are women embracing their own strands, but they’re showing each other support: "Omg that’s so amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this. They are beautiful” Twitter user @rainrainrain77 gushed after seeing a stunning shot of mother and child with matching gray patches.

We love that Teigen has managed to not only help some followers feel more comfortable and embrace their grays, but also create a thread where women are complimenting each other and sharing their own experiences. Kudos to her and all the fabulous silver foxes she inspires!