Credit: Marc Royce

Marc RoyceFrom Health magazineCheryl Burke, the two-time Dancing with the Stars winner and entrepreneur (she owns a San Francisco dance studio and recently launched a fitness clothing line, chats with Health about how she maintains her amazing dancers body, what always gets her energized, and her favorite body part (no, its not her legs).

My greatest health accomplishment is:
Not eating fast food!

The health sin I regret most is:
Not wearing sunscreen.

The one thing that gets me energized the fastest is:
Loud music.

My body rocks because …
I dance my butt off.

The key to a flat stomach is:
My workout video Disco Abs.

If I could have any other celebs body part, it would be …
Nancy ODells legs.

They are so long!

One thing people dont know about dancing is:
Its the best workout you can get.

Three healthy things in my fridge right now are:
1. egg whites
2. turkey
3. MonaVie [açai–fruit juice blend]

One not-so-healthy thing thats in there:
Old chocolate thats been in there since Valentines Day!

If calories didnt exist, Id:
Eat lots of sugar—I wouldnt watch what I eat!

When I need to unwind I …
Go shopping.

The all-time best cure for stress is:

My favorite body part is:
My back.

Its long and lean.

If I werent a dancer, Id be:
A makeup artist.

Before I go on stage in front of 20 million people, I always:
Go to the bathroom!