Charlize Theron is an empowering, body-positive, and feminist example for women everywhere.

September 20, 2017

Confession: We’re obsessed with Charlize Theron. The bombshell isn’t just #bodygoals, she’s also smart, sexy, and able to kick some serious ass. Need proof? Theron starred in the action flick Atomic Blonde, where she played an undercover agent investigating a murder abroad. No big deal. Theron summed up her awesome role when she posted a snapshot from the film on her Instagram, captioning the photo, “Best way to win a fight? Fight like a girl.” Simple as that.

That wasn’t the first time Theron got real about girl power, though. When she was asked why she wanted to star in Atomic Blonde, she told Entertainment Weekly it was because she “was looking for something that had a female protagonist that was unapologetic and played by the same rules as men.”

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It’s no surprise then that Theron supports gender equality in real life too. In January 2017, the actress joined thousands who marched in support of women’s rights.

Theron has also been known to give women some truly empowering advice in the past. Some of our favorite words of wisdom from the 42-year-old actress: “Look in the mirror and see yourself and say, I am sexy. I am attractive. I am smart. I am intelligent. I am powerful. I have a voice.” Just yes.

Want to see more about why we’re proud to call Theron our #womancrusheveryday? In this video, we’re rounding up six times the South African beauty set a healthy, body-positive, and feminist example for women everywhere.

Watch the clip above for even more evidence that the Golden Globe winner is a total badass. In case you needed any extra convincing, she once broke three of her teeth on set—and didn’t even mind it. Now that’s hardcore.