Celebrity Inspired Workouts

Looking to spice up your workout? Try one of Keri Russells favorite ways to keep active and bike to dinner instead of drive, or use a BOSU ball, Christina Hendricks go-to way to mix things up at the gym. Cheryl Burke prefers rigorous dancing to shed a few pounds, and if you want to burn calories with minimal effort, but a lot of fun, try Kristen Bells trick and just laugh.

For a sure-fire way to tone up, “The Biggest Losers” fitness guru Jillian Michaels suggests using kettlebells, which incorporate explosive movements, and are core-based, to help make you stronger.

If you need a body confidence boost, Jennifer Love Hewitt reminds herself to appreciate her womanly shape and MoNique makes sure to think of her assets – not her love handles every time she gets into bed at night.

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