6 Celebrities Who Aren't Afraid to Show Off Their Strong Arms

Here's how these women built their amazing biceps.

Used to be that if a woman had muscular, well-defined arms, she wasn't considered "feminine." Luckily we're in the post-Michelle Obama era, whose sculpted biceps showed us that there's nothing more womanly than wearing your strength on your sleeve.

Lately, we've noticed a surge in female celebrities embracing their strong arms as well, and they're paving the way for women everywhere to feel comfortable doing so. Below, we've rounded up six fierce celebs who work hard for their muscles and have no problem showing them off on Instagram. Follow their example, and give your arms some extra love today.

Jennifer Lopez

If you want arms like Lopez (sigh, don't we all), never skip your warm-up. In 2016, trainer Tracy Anderson said that Lopez does an upper body pre-workout that has her starting off slow using only body weight and gradually increasing to a maximum of five-pound weights.

Halle Berry

Berry's Instagram is a one-stop fitspo shop, and she swears by the kettlebell because of its versatility: "You can swing it, pull it, push it, throw it, curl it, squat with it, walk and run with it and stretch with it….You get the picture!"

Jessica Biel

"If you couldn't tell from my face, I take my fitness very seriously," Biel wrote, and she's not kidding. Renegade rows and dumbbell push presses are two of her go-to moves for toned arms, trainer Tyler English told Shape.

Angela Bassett

Everyone can agree, Bassett's arms are #goals. To work towards that kind of definition, incorporate bench presses, pull-ups, and mirror runs with dumbbells into your routine and do them two to three times a week.

Kate Hudson

Hudson's Instagram shows us she's all about pilates, both to build her arms and help her stay grounded. This popular strengthening exercise can lengthen your limbs and sculpt lean muscles all around.

Jennifer Garner

Garner's Instagram reveals she does a little bit of everything, from bodyweight and resistance band work to lifting heavy dumbbells. Hey, to get arms like that, you have to cover all of your bases.

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