Actor Casey Wilson Shares Her 4 Biggest Life Lessons

The actor and comedian, 39, shares her top life lessons and how meditation has helped her.

Photo: Robert Trachtenberg/Trunk Archive

I used to get grossed-out vibes when I would hear people talk about gratitude—but now I’m totally into it. I try to make a list in the morning of what I’m grateful for. I find that gratitude then permeates my day and puts things into perspective. Like, you know what? You have a home and two healthy kids, period, the end.

I’m the worst sign there is—a Scorpio. Please respect my privacy during this difficult time. I have every single Scorpio trait—I’m a monster. I’m incredibly passionate and loyal. And in my 20s, I could be quite volatile. Being reactive used to feel good in the moment, but you end up hurting people. More than that, you hurt yourself by hurting someone else. Meditation has helped with that reactiveness.

If I could go back and talk to my 20-something self, I’d explain that things tend to work out the way they were meant to. There were some devastating things. Like I wasn’t asked back to Saturday Night Live after two seasons. But I wouldn’t have met my husband if that hadn’t happened. I wish I would have found a little peace knowing that if something doesn’t work out, you weren’t meant to be there or do that thing.

“I’d like to teach my kids to expect a miracle.” Long before Marianne Williamson’s presidential bid, I went to see her speak. I was walking in, and this stranger whispered that exact phrase to me. It was almost comical how strange it was. It stayed with me. In my mind, it means: Expect great things to happen, and they will. And expect that there can be miracles in health, friendship, love, and work. Don’t ask for it; just expect it. I also hope to teach my older son how to wipe himself. That’s more of an immediate goal. I’ll be expecting a miracle for that, too.

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