The singer-songwriter shows off her catch in a black and white bikini.

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Lots of people are spending summer by the water—and so is Carrie Underwood. The singer-songwriter just shared a bunch of photos on Instagram of herself on a fishing trip in a black and white bikini.

Underwood, 38, did a total photo dump of herself alongside various fish, and she clearly brought her abs and Calia by Carrie Underwood swimwear along for the outing. "Feeeeeeshies! 🐟🐟🐟 #CatchAndRelease #JustSayinHi #Outdoors #LakeLife," she wrote in the caption.

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While Underwood's catch is impressive, people can't get over how fit she looks. "I want to die and come back to life with this body," one person wrote in the comments. "Those abs tho…," someone else commented.

Underwood is known to take her fitness seriously. She regularly crushes workouts with her trainer, Eve Overland, doing everything from lifting heavy weights to practicing pull-ups to running on the treadmill.

She also views fitness as a form of self-care during her busy life as a performer, business owner, and mom of two. "It's all about making time for it, because it's a priority," she previously told Health. "It's my 'me' thing. I wish I had time for massages and facials and to get my nails done and stuff like that, but I will take a workout over any of those things."

She's more than aware of the health benefits of exercising regularly, too. "I work out to be healthy," she said. "I want to feel good, and working out makes me feel good."

Underwood said she had to adapt her go-to workouts after having her son, Jake, via C-section. To rebuild her core strength, "we did a lot basic stuff like pelvic tilts, really focusing on that hip to rib cage connection, and waking the abs back up," Overland told Health.

She also incorporated strength training into her workouts. "It's like I could either spend an hour in the gym running on the treadmill, huffing and puffing, or I have a plan and it's lifting weights," Underwood told Health. "I lift heavy, and then I rest for a minute. It's a little less flail-y, and less high impact on my body."

One of her go-to exercise routines is tabata, an interval workout. "A tabata is four minutes—I count five for drinks and resting in between and stuff," Underwood said. (In case you're not familiar with it, tabata means working your hardest for 20 seconds, then resting for 10 seconds.) "If you do six moves, that's like a half hour right there," Underwood said. "It's simple and you just stick to it."

Underwood even released a book last year called, Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong With the Fit52 Life, that breaks down everything she's learned. "I want to be healthy and fit 52 weeks of the year, but that doesn't mean I have to be perfect every day," she said about her book. "This philosophy is a year-round, common-sense approach to health and fitness that involves doing your best most of the time." 

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