Carly Waddell Gives a Health Update After Suffering a Medical Emergency—And Doctors Aren't Sure What Happened

"I could tell my body was giving out."

Carly Waddell was taken off a plane and rushed to the hospital on June 14. Now that she's had a week to recover, the Bachelor in Paradise alum is sharing all the details of what happened—and what doctors think might have caused the medical emergency.

News about the incident first surfaced when Waddell's ex, fellow Bachelor in Paradise alum Evan Bass, posted a photo of her in the hospital (with her permission). "I know y'all have been wondering what went down, so here ya go," she wrote in the caption of her latest Instagram post on June 20.

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The 35-year-old begins the 15-minute video by saying, "Well everyone, I'm alive. It was dicey there for a little bit." She then goes on to explain the whole story: Last Monday, she was in line to get on an airplane when she started to have "really bad" intestinal cramps. "And when I say really bad, I mean like they were what I would compare to contractions," Waddell said. "They were unbelievably bad."

At first there were just a few cramps. Since she has food allergies that sometimes cause random stomach cramps, Waddell thought that's what it was at first, so she got on the plane. But the cramps got worse once she was on the plane. "They weren't like a contraction where you have a little bit of time in between. It just kept hitting and kept hitting, and I couldn't breathe anymore. There was no time to breathe because I couldn't breathe while it was happening," she explains. "So then I got super, super hot and super, super nauseous. And I stopped being able to see, and I stopped being able to hear."

At that point, the plane doors had just been closed so that the crew could prepare for departure. But Waddell knew she needed to get off the plane. So she stood up to say that she needed to get off, but she passed out. Before her head hit the ground, someone caught her. Eventually, Waddell came to in the aisle. A woman on the flight worked in an emergency room and told Waddell to sit up and put her head in between her legs. The woman—as well as someone from the fire department who eventually came on the plane to help Waddell—asked about her menstrual cycle or potential pregnancy, but Waddell knew she wasn't pregnant. "I can't even explain to you how sick I felt. My body was just—everything was hurting," she says in the video.

Waddell was walked off the plane, placed in a wheelchair, and put in an ambulance where they took her vitals. Her blood pressure was "very low," and she had "no capacity" to answer the paramedics' questions. And so she was rushed to the hospital. "At this point I just had to close my eyes. And I was laying there, and I could tell my body was giving out. I was going down," she said. "And I like, had to talk myself—I was like, 'This is not the way you go out.' I was laying there with my eyes closed pep talking myself into staying alive."

Once she got to the hospital, the mother of two couldn't stop throwing up. "I probably threw up 20 times. And then I s-h-i-t my pants in front of [Bass, who met her at the hospital]; like, I didn't even know it happened, and it happened," she said. Over and over again, Waddell would go to the bathroom and throw up at the same time. She was given anti-nausea medication, but it didn't help.

Because she was so dehydrated, the hospital staff had a hard time getting to a vein, sticking her with a needle at least 20 times. When they were finally able to draw her blood, they found that her white blood cell count was "super high," but no one at the hospital knew why. "They basically don't know what was going on. They said it was probably just a virus or bacteria that just got me and got me really good," Waddell said.

Finally, she stopped throwing up enough to just dry heave, and she is now home. But she says she still has "really bad" intestinal cramps (though not as bad as they were). She also will randomly get nauseous. "I still haven't gone to the bathroom a week later, which is funny because everything came out of me and then nothing has come out of me," she said.

"That's the update. I don't really have any answers. I was just really down for the count, and the only thing that really helped was fluid and time," Waddell said as she wrapped up the video. "So I'm alive. Thank you for checking in on me and loving me, and I appreciate you. Every one of you, I appreciate it."

The comments filled with people trying to help diagnose what Waddell had experienced. A ruptured ovarian cyst, diverticulitis, a gallbladder problem, and Crohn's disease were some of the guesses people threw out. Besides potential complications, the comments were also home to a ton of support from fans and friends, including from fellow Bachelor in Paradise alum Jade Roper who wrote, "Love you! So scary what you went through! I hope they can figure out what's going on, can't imagine how frustrating that is, I'm just so so glad you're ok."

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