Busy Philipps

Cougar Towns Busy Philipps lets us in on her autumn obsessions.

B is for Birdie“I always wear my B charm by Helen Ficalora, for my daughter, Birdie.” (starting at $125 and $70, respectively;

Bright blooms“We go to the Hollywood Farmers Market every Sunday and buy vegetables for the week. I also like getting colorful wildflowers.”

Great hair days“I use Kerastase shampoo and conditioner ($34; Its so expensive it makes my heart hurt, but its the only thing that makes my hair beautiful.”

Breaking out a blazer“Im excited to break out my lightweight Marc Jacobs pea coat. I also love my J.Crew blazers ($158;—I have several!”

Ooh-la-la lips“I like a deep-red lip ($20; right now—it feels very fall to me.”

Tricks and treats!“I cant wait for Halloween. I have always loved pretending to be someone Im not. Im excited because Birdie, who is 2 years old, wants to be Madeline.”

My cozy must-have“You feel silly wearing a scarf ($17; in Southern California. But we want to be a part of fall so badly, so I go for [lightweight] ones.”