Here's a bit of funky inspiration for your day.


Here’s a bit of funky inspiration for your day. Scot Pankey, a teacher at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas, Texas, led all six of his theater classes through this excellently choreographed rendition of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ hit “Uptown Funk.”

Pankey told the Dallas Morning News that he fell in love with the song and decided to use it in an assignment. “We are a project-based school…and that means you give the students a project, put them in teams, and they have to come up with solutions,” he explained. “They had three weeks to work on it, then present as a group what they learned.”

Pankey even told his classes that he’d join in—if they’d let him. “I told them, ‘I am not a dancer, but I’d love to do this and go on this journey with you, and we can all learn from it and have a good time,” he said. “And they were all on board.”

Pankey turned out to be an excellent dancer (if you ask us) and is the star of the video, moving from a desk to a hallway and on to various spots around the school to join different teams of choreographed background dancers (read: the students).

Each group ups the ante, nailing the dance moves along with their fearless—and tireless—leader. Featuring students of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, it’s better than your favorite episode of “Glee.” Trust.

The video already has more than 3.8 million views on YouTube after being posted on Saturday. Even the Grammy-winning voice behind the song has taken a look: Bruno Mars posted the video on his Facebook page Wednesday morning, adding, “I cried at the end. Im still a thug though. Thank you to everyone involved in making this video.”

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