This clip is not for the faint-hearted.

February 27, 2020

Britney Spears’ dancing days are temporarily on hold while she recovers from breaking her foot—and she just shared the exact moment she actually broke her metatarsal bone in a new video. If you don’t like the sound of bones breaking, you might want to mute this. As Spears says herself, “it’s kind of loud!” (You can even hear the snap over the music she’s dancing to:“Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon.) 

The pop icon shared the video of the ouch moment on Instagram on Wednesday, explaining in the caption that she was going “full throttle,” as she hadn’t danced in six months. She also acknowledged that she was dancing barefoot, explaining that she finds it easier to maintain control than when she’s wearing socks or shoes. 

“Don’t laugh but I grip the floor better that way,” she wrote. 

It’s been a month of injuries for the Spears family; Brit’s sister Jamie Lynn Spears joked in the comments section, “Between her and Maddie we are running a hospital!!” Jamie Lynn’s 11-year-old daughter injured her arm at school on Valentine’s Day. 

Spears’ injury was first revealed by her personal trainer boyfriend Sam Asghari on February 19. He shared a lighthearted Instagram post that included a photo of him writing “Stronger” on Brit’s leg cast.

The metatarsal bones, the five long bones in each foot that join the ankle to each of the toes, are crucial for standing and walking (and dancing), per the US National Library of Medicine

Spears posted another video to Instagram earlier on Wednesday. It shows her wearing her leg cast, which she’s likely to be wearing for another few weeks. Typically, this kind of injury requires wearing a cast for six to eight weeks, says the US National Library of Medicine. 

In the new video, Spears reads aloud several letters she’s received from fans visiting Britney Spears the Zone, an exhibit and “immersive fan experience” that’s open in Los Angeles through April 26. “Thank you guys for all of your sweet letters,” Brit captioned the post. “Hopefully my leg will get better soon,” she adds at the end of the clip. We hope so too, Brit. 

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