See exactly how the singer sculpts that rock-hard core.
Credit: Getty Images

Britney Spears has taken her fitness game to a whole new level. In a series of jaw-dropping Instagram posts, the pop star has been demonstrating exactly what she does to get those chiseled abs. Here are a few sneak peeks at the workout routine that keeps the 35-year-old singer and mom of two in such incredible shape.

In this clip posted yesterday, Spears cranks out modified crunches. Even her trainer can’t resist poking her washboard abs!

Brit tones her arms, core, butt, and legs all at once with this lunge exercise. You can see her intensity and strength in every movement.

Spears knows how to cross-train like a champ. Watch how she modifies this stunning yoga move to get in an extra leg workout.

She's even strength training when she's messing around.

All the hard work and dedication (inside and outside the gym) has certainly paid off for Brit, and we're glad she's paying it forward in a steady stream of fitspo. Feeling as motivated as we are? Check out this 5-move core circuit from Emily Skye.

All you need is 20 minutes to stronger, more sculpted abs.