From the hilarious to the horrifying (and some that count as both!), these are the five best costumes stars came up with in 2017.

By Julia Naftulin
Updated October 31, 2017

Right now, our Instagram feeds are buzzing with celebrities posing in their crazy-creative Halloween outfits. With so many stars so decked out, we decided to hold a costume contest of our own. So which stars blew away the competition and won the holiday? Here are our top five scary, spooky, and bonkers imaginative costume outfits of 2017. We wish we thought of them first!

Bruce Willis as a Grady twin

For fans of both Bruce and The Shining, this is simply brilliant. But what really makes Willis' getup great is that it looks like he's having so much fun. Also, partner costumes for the win!

Jessica Alba as Juno

It's a little scary how well Alba pulls off pregnant teen Juno MacGuff from the 2007 hit movie. Bonus points for creatively using her real-life baby bump! (That's a friend posing as Paulie Bleeker on the left.)

Cardi B as Cruella Deville

Cardi B slayed as Cruella Deville because she embodied the character perfectly while adding her own glamorous flare—from the black and white hair and red gloves down to the white fur jacket.

Lebron James as Pennywise

Because the idea of walking into a room and facing a 6'8" murderous clown is almost scarier than the actual movie. Also, he's rocking those clown chucks.

Neil Patrick Harris as a carnival ring leader

We don't know how many months it took Neil Patrick Harris, his husband David Burtka, and their twins to put together their creepy and freaky "Carnival of Curiosities" extravaganza, but this is one family that really knows how to do a group getup.