A cast member from the Mean Girls musical breaks it down.

Ever scrolled through celebrity selfies and thought to yourself, I wish I could look that good without any effort? Yep, us too.But one Broadway star wants people to know that it actually takes a lot of work to appear so effortlessly attractive.

Barrett Wilbert Weed, who plays Janis Sarkisian in the Mean Girls musical, took to social media on Monday, posting a selfie in full makeup and warning that she was about to get “very real."

It was one respondent's comment from a previous post—”you are so pretty and you don’t even try”—that set her off. Weed broke down all the effort involved in looking "camera ready," as she put it, in a Broadway show.

"I appreciate the compliment [but] the comment was on a picture where I had absolutely tried," she revealed.

“I like how I look without makeup but I had to train myself to think that,” she captioned the photo. “I’ve struggled with acne since I was maybe 11? 12? As long as I can remember? i have scars, uneven skin, and these weird green veins around my eyes that I really wish weren’t there. And because I move my face for a living, I have lines all over my forehead. But it’s my face. That’s how it looks.”

When it comes to events like photo shoots or album recordings, Weed came clean that she uses experts to get her dolled up. “I pay genius women to come to my home and put makeup on me,” she continued in the post.

“Makeup is not the price you pay for existing in the world and being female,” she said. “A naked face is presentable and beautiful. An imperfect real face is a great thing. I like my face with all its pockmarks and scars and ‘wtf is that?’s because I only get one and I don’t wanna waste time covering it up or hating it. But I am going to wash all this junk off it now.”

And Weed showed us the way. In her Instagram story, she posted a series of photos before, during, and after her makeup removal. Her secret? Slathering coconut oil on her face to melt all the cosmetics away.

“Much better!” a bare-faced (and relieved) Weed said in the video.