In her latest viral sketch, the comedian has teamed up with Lena Dunham to tackle sizeism in a hilarious way.

Credit: Getty Images

Shopping can be stressful. If you've ever been snubbed by a rude salesperson, or struggled to find clothes that actually fit, you'll relate to Amy Schumer's latest viral sketch (below), which aired Thursday on her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer. In the hilarious clip, called "Size 12,"Schumer has a seemingly simple request: She would like a black shirt in a larger size. But the scenario quickly escalates into absurdity when the saleswoman has trouble comprehending the question.

Then, in a perky-but-condescending voice, the associate suggests Schumer check under the table. The only shirt down there, however, is even smaller—it's barely big enough to fit a doll. In response to Schumer's confusion, the saleswoman warns her to keep her voice down: "You're scaring the thinner customers."

After Schumer clarifyies that she's looking for just a regular size 12—not a UK 12 or a Japanese 12 (which the saleswoman explains is like an American toddler size 3)—Schumer is led to a special section of the store for her "situation." It turns out to be a grassy field where a cow named Daisy is shopping for a dress for her daughter's Bat Mitzvah and Lena Dunham has been patiently waiting for help finding a turtleneck for the last three months. There the saleswoman presents Schumer with a plastic tarp that she says would be "perfect for covering your pool, or your ... problem areas."

Over the top (of course) but so on point, Schumer's sketch is a perfect comeback to the body shaming that's all too common in clothing stores and everywhere. Check out the clip here: