The One Thing America Ferrera Will Never Forget About Her Childhood

She remembers a time when her life wasn't nearly as glamorous.

The season of giving is upon us, and you might be wondering how to get started when it comes to doing your part during the holidays. Luckily, America Ferrera is here to share exactly why she’s so passionate about helping others to deliver just the inspiration you need to do the same.

When we see Ferrera up on the big screen, it can be easy to forget that she came from a humble background just like many of us. “I’m the daughter of immigrants, a working class family getting by with very little,” she says.

Sure, Ferrera knows what it’s like to have the resources to create a comfortable holiday season full of giving for her family, but she also knows what it’s like not to. She was raised by a single mother who had to support six children, and she saw how challenging that was.

“It makes it easier for me to put myself in the shoes of people who aren’t like me,” Ferrera says. “It drives me to have compassion and to want to better anyone’s situation if I’m able to.”

We all have a story, and Ferrera’s has helped her see the value in giving back. Think about your past experiences. Is there a cause that lies close to your heart? See that cause as the answer to how you can lend a helping hand this holiday season.

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