The beloved star, 46, of TV hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother talks about the importance of a positive mindset.

By Health Magazine
June 05, 2020

With all that’s going on in the world recently, I’m doing better more than I am not. There are days where I think, “This is so overwhelming.” It’s a roller coaster of emotions. But my sister-in-law is a nurse. So every time I want to whine about something, I think about her and all the people like her around the world who are doing things I cannot even fathom. I try to honor all of the different emotions going on within myself and my family, but then also keep in mind that I absolutely can’t complain.

Kim Myers Robertson/Trunk Archive

I was in a real negative headspace for a long time. I remember the moment I became an optimist. I was walking across my college campus, and somebody passed by me. In my head, I insulted that person. I stopped myself and thought, “Why would I think something negative about a person I don’t even know?” So, immediately, I made myself think three nice things about them. From then on, anytime I thought something negative, I’d make myself think three positive things. After a while, it became second nature.

If I’m in a funk, I try not to give in to it. I’ll set a clock and allow myself to be grumpy for an hour— and then I go do something to get myself out of it. Looking around at my surroundings and finding the things I am grateful for helps.

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