Clearly this girl always looks like fire.

By Tamim Alnuweiri, MIMI
Updated June 01, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

Today is a good day. We have a new single and new inspiring photos from Alicia Keys. Our favorite pop-pianist released a new song titled "In Common," accompanied by a personal essay that she wrote for Lenny Letter. In the letter, Alicia Keys continues to be a badass, inspiring woman. She talks about the pressure woman face to look good and how her decision to go makeup free has empowered her.

Alicia Keys released the makeup-free photos for her newest single and says they were taken right after she came from the gym. And she looks divine. We're also completely inspired by how beautiful and honest Alicia Keys is about her experience with makeup. Looks like we have yet another reason to join the #iwokeuplikethis club.

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