By Johnni Macke, Hello Giggles
Updated March 06, 2017
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Thank goodness for friends! Actress Abigail Breslin had a panic attack on stage, but thanks to her co-stars she made it through and kept going. The show must go on, after all, right?

On Tuesday, Breslin along with Isabelle Furhman and Alex Wolff prepared to debut their new play, All the Fine Boys, in New York City.

Breslin actually had a panic attack while performing live. Luckily, her co-stars and friends helped her through it and they finished with flying colors.

“When you’re on stage doing a play and you have an actual panic attack mid show cuz anxiety doesn’t warn you,” Breslin tweeted on Tuesday.

Her co-stars deserve the most-empathetic-humans-of-the-year award.

Plus, it makes Breslin so much more relatable and lovable for sharing her terrifying moments.

On Wednesday, after getting a little help from her friends, the entire group successfully premiered their new play. Everything went off without a hitch and the 20-year-old actress didn’t take long to celebrate the show’s end on social media.

“We opened a play tonight. I love these people and the weird/dope lil community of 4 we’ve become. I’m lucky as f**k to work with you 3 every day. #ALLTHEFINEBOYS,” the Scream Queens actress wrote.

Congrats to the entire cast of All the Fine Boys on your opening success! We can’t wait to travel to NYC and check it out live.