6 Ways to Sculpt Like a Celeb

Hollywood's hottest work their butts (and bellies) off with multitasking strength moves. Now you can too.

Yes, I do train celebrities. But the truth is, women like J.Lo and Sienna are no different from you or me. We're all trying to be the healthiest version of ourselves, and that starts with connecting to our bodies. Just as every woman's shape and muscle tone are unique, so is her ideal routine. A move can work magic on one body and do less for someone else's. But what we have in common is that we can choose to do one hour of exercise six days a week. That, along with eating well, is the real secret the fittest women in Hollywood know.

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Say no to juice cleanses

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Look, I love fresh organic juices. I drink them myself. (My favorite is a blend of kale, watermelon, cucumber and blueberry.) But I have them in addition to my meals, and I don't use them as a way to lose weight. Sure, juice cleanses will help you shed a few pounds, but just temporarily. Trying to live off of only juice will crash your metabolic rate, which works against weight loss. And once you start eating again, you'll put those pounds back on as quickly as you took them off.

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Can you really overexercise?

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Absolutely. It's not healthy to work to exhaustion in the hopes of burning a few more calories. Your muscles become taxed and begin to break down, which can lead to injury. So find a challenging activity level you can sustain, and stick with it.

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Blockbuster moves

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These exercises pack a ton of toning! Start with the Gwyneth sculptors, then do the ones that help keep J.Lo firm and fit. Tack them onto your current routine for a more sculpted body. Just don't skip out on your 30 to 60 minutes of cardio.

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On-belly curled glute lift

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Tone your bum like Gwyneth.

Lie facedown with legs in a small split, left leg bent and left hand holding left foot. Bend right leg, performing a hamstring curl (A). Squeeze and lift right leg (keeping slight bend in knee), holding leg in attitude position (B). Lower leg back to start. Repeat 30 times, then switch sides.

Your leg should be turned out on the diagonal.

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Sit back and kick

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Start on hands and knees, with knees together and hands placed slightly over to left side of body on a diagonal. Sit back into hips, keeping palms on floor (A). Return to start as you kick right leg back (B). Do 30 reps, then switch sides.

Keep knees close and feet wide.

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Holding crunch diamond tap

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Chisel your arms and abs like J.Lo.

Lie faceup, hands lightly on back of head for support and legs bent with feet flat on floor (A). Crunch up and hold, then lift legs, maintaining bend in knee, and bring soles together and tap (B). Release back to start. Do 30 reps.

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Toss-back triceps

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Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, with a 3-pound weight in each hand. Bend both arms, placing left arm in front of waist (palm facing stomach) and tucking right arm behind you (A). In one fluid motion, raise right arm out to side (B), then toss arm behind head so that elbow is by ear and weight is behind back (C). Return to start. Repeat 30 times, then switch sides.

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