We rounded up the best of the most outrageous vintage fitness videos on YouTube.
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Kholé Kardashian posted the throwback of all throwbacks earlier this week with this hilarious clip from mom Kris Jenner and stepdad Bruce’s 90’s workout video, Power Walk Plus.

Complete with all the short-shorts you can handle, Olympic gold medalist Bruce leads Kris through a workout on a bizarrely small treadmill. The only thing it’s missing is some clashing neon.

But alas, the nostalgia is fleeting. The video is too short. That's why we rounded up the best of the most outrageous vintage fitness videos on available on YouTube (it is #throwbackthursday after all).

Pull that Spandex thong bodysuit out of your closet, and fire up your iPad: these workouts will still make you feel the burn, promise.

Jane Fonda's Workout

We have to start with the reigning queen of workout videos. Her series The Jane Fonda Workout broke records, and if you ask us, it's still the standard that all later videos only hope to achieve.

Paula Abdul's Get Up And Dance!

Unsurprisingly, Paula Abdul’s workout video shows off her insane dance abilities. While the video is just 20 minutes long, the singer (clad in an…interesting patchwork vest) will seriously get your heart rate up in this fast-paced workout.

Dancin’ Grannies: A Workout For The Body That Wasn't Born Yesterday

Sadly, the internet offers up no clues as to the origins of this amazing video, featuring four “dancin’ grannies” as they take you through a nice, low-key workout that at one point is set to banjo music. Yes, it’s that strange. But even though this video is from the '80s with the leg warmers to prove it, the grannies are ahead of their time with this barre-like workout. Be sure to load up part two when you're done to finish it off right!

Cindy Crawford Workout

Supermodel Cindy Crawford brings it in this video. The entire thing looks like the outtakes of a glossy mag photo shoot, with her stretching on the beach before doing weights on a rooftop, in front of an abandoned water tower. Made with her trainer, Radu (who was apparently famous enough to go by one name?) this is a long, full-body workout that will crack you up as it wears you out.

Buns of Steel

Long before the booties belonging to Kim, Nicki, and J.Lo became cultural touch points, women felt the burn with the self-proclaimed bunmaster Greg Smithey. The Buns of Steel workout targets your bum, thighs, and upper legs with seriously toning moves. You’ll be setting off metal detectors in no time. Parts two and three are also available.