3 Celebs Who Are Serving Up Major Fitspiration

Plus four flab-fighting moves to help you tone and tighten this spring.

Nathaniel Welch

Need a source of motivation to hit the gym this week? How about three: Kourtney Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Britney Spears all recently posted Instagram shots in their barely-there bikinis. (OMG!)

Here's Kardashian enjoying "Sunday funday."

And T.Swift looking steamy in the tropics.

Spears' poolside shot has some fans questioning whether she Photoshopped her waist. But other recent snaps of the star prove she's got a banging body no matter what.

Wth the official arrival of Spring this past weekend, and the (kinda sorta) warmer weather, we were reminded that we're not quite as ready as these ladies to drop our sarongs as we make our way to the sand.

If you fall into the same category, no worries. We are all works in progress. Plus, we've got a body-sculpting, bathing suit blast to help you tone and tighten in record time.

Each move in this series by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson may feel like it’s targeting one area, but rest assured that your entire body is reaping the benefits. Perform the sequence twice, doing the last two exercises on your right side the first time and then on your left. Shoot for six days a week and pair with 30 to 60 minutes of cardio. Bikini (or one piece or tankini), here you come!

Standing Sexy Abs

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, arms at shoulder-height and elbows bent in 90-degree angles; squeeze shoulder blades together (A). Move rib cage to left, extending arms so they form a diagonal line, palms facedown; press arms back (B). Return to “A” position; squeeze shoulder blades together. Repeat “B,” only this time move rib cage to right (C). Do 30 reps.

Palms-Back Arm Extension

Photo: Nathaniel Welch.

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, arms straight out to sides, palms facedown (A). Squeeze shoulder blades together. As you release, move torso to right, leading with right hand and rotating palms until they are facing back (B). Pull shoulder blades together again and repeat move on left side (C). Return to center. Do 30 reps.

Hand and Foot Touch and Reach

Photo: Nathaniel Welch.

Start on all fours; extend right arm in front of body and right leg back (A). Bend right knee and elbow, bringing right hand and foot together (B). Grab foot; pull it forward. Release to “A.” Do 30 reps.

Side-Lying Hip Lift and Leg Lift

Photo: Nathaniel Welch.

Lie on left side, hips and feet stacked. Place left forearm on floor for support and prop upper body up (A). Lift hips off floor into a side plank (B). Lower down to start, then raise right leg about 3 feet (C). Return to start. Do 30 reps.

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