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Everyone's Talking About Mitch McConnell's Discolored Hand—Here Are 10 Things That Can Cause Discoloration

Photos of Mitch McConnell have been circulating online that show the Senate Majority Leader with an extremely bruised hand. And naturally, people have thoughts.

12 Famous People With Hearing Loss

I blame Tom Petty. Three and half hours of his greatest hits kept me awake as I commuted each weekend for my job last year. But now, I swear, I’m half deaf. Well, if it turns out I do have noise-induced hearing loss (I just booked an audiogram to find out), I’m far from alone.

Kelsea Ballerini on How She Learned to Stop ‘Shaming’ Herself for Her Diet

The 27-year-old country star opens up about putting out an album during a pandemic, prioritizing her mental health, and supporting other women.

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