The 9 Best Treadmills of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

We tested treadmills for value, ease of use, comfort, and more—these are the winners.

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Best Treadmills of 2023

Health / Marcus Millan

Whether for high-intensity running, low-key jogging, or to squeeze some extra steps into your day, an at-home treadmill is a convenient way to build movement into your daily routine. The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise per week. Do a portion of that in the comfort of your living room, and you’re several thousand steps closer to your weekly goals.

“Aside from building consistency with your daily movement, treadmills can help you improve your heart health, lose weight, improve your sleep, boost your brain health, regulate your blood sugar, strengthen your muscles and add structure to your walks,” says certified personal trainer Courtney Pardini, trainer/CPT at Rumble Training in San Francisco. Plus, at-home treadmills are ideal for people who live in places with unpredictable weather, or who struggle to feel confident in the gym. 

From under-desk options to fold-ups, and basic walkers to professional models—there’s a lot to consider. To find the best options in a number of categories, we tested 27 treadmills each for a one-month period. We ran, walked, or jogged on each treadmill a minimum of four times per week, using different speeds and settings each time. Here are our top picks based on ease of use, comfort, features, and overall value for money.

Best Overall

Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Connected Treadmill

Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Connected Treadmill


Why We Like It: Small but powerful, this intuitive, easy-to-use treadmill had us up and walking in minutes.

It’s Worth Noting: It’s not very portable. 

The first thing we noticed about this treadmill: it’s heavy! It took two people to get it into position. But because it came fully assembled, all we had to do was unwrap it, add the cup and phone holders, connect the Echelon app to our phone, and we were up and running.

This treadmill features preset and customizable workout settings, speed, and incline options—all adjustable via the uncluttered console or the buttons on the arm. The console also offers at-a-glance metrics like distance traveled and calories burned. Some of our other favorite features included the soft and deep cup holders—large enough to fit a 40-ounce tumbler—and tablet tray. And the safety key is simple to set up, for extra peace of mind.

Folding the treadmill took a few times to get right while we tested, but after using the step-by-step instructions we discovered it does most of the work for you. Even in the folded position, however, it is very difficult to move. So it pays to park it close to where you intend to use it. Also, we noticed the console makes a loud popping sound when you change settings. But beyond its weight and the louder-than-necessary console sounds, we found this tiny treadmill powerful, quiet, and intuitive, and its thoughtful design delivers a high-end feel for a mid-range model.

Price at time of publication: $1,300

Product Details:

  • Max Speed: 12 MPH
  • Foldable: Yes
  • App Connectivity: Yes
  • Additional Features: Touchscreen console, preset and customizable settings, auto folding, 12 incline levels
Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Connected Treadmill

Health / Kimberly Souza

Best Investment

NordicTrack Commercial 2450

Nordictrack Commercial 2450


Why We Like It: Packed with features, this state-of-the-art treadmill spares no attention to detail.

It’s Worth Noting: The workout class options require a separate iFIT membership.

From its sleek look to its easy-to-fold-away functionality, its huge touchscreen display, and its smooth action, there’s a lot to like about the NordicTrack Commercial 2450.

The enormous 22-inch display looks comical at first glance. But with all your speed, incline, and various setting buttons alongside the screen rather than on it, we found it easy to zone out while watching ourselves walking or running along a digitized track or a pretty scenic route. We loved the built-in Bluetooth speakers for our workout soundtracks. 

With a kickstand supporting the back end of the treadmill, folding out or away is simple. Though it’s worth mentioning—especially for people with limited space—it doesn’t fold up completely, which adds a few inches to its footprint. We found the option of using an iFIT membership to join workout classes a great way to mix up our regular routines. And tiny details like the cooling fan add to the premium feel of this model, which makes stepping back on again day after day just a little bit easier.

Price at time of publication: $3,000

Product Details:

  • Max Speed: 12 MPH
  • Foldable: Yes
  • App Connectivity: Yes
  • Additional Features: 22-inch touchscreen console, Google Maps technology, stat tracking, 30-day iFIT trial included

Most User-Friendly

Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT Studio Treadmill

Horizon Fitness 7.0AT Studio Treadmill


Why We Like It: We connected to the fitness apps we already use from this treadmill.

It’s Worth Noting: It took two professional assemblers 30 minutes to put it together.

The slight lag between hitting go and the belt actually moving got us off to a slow start, but from then on the overall usability of this treadmill truly set it apart.

Getting started on the 7.0 AT Studio Treadmill is as simple as scrolling to select your user number or workout choice. Once you’re in, incline and speed adjustments happen instantly, and the console tracks all the MPH, calories, heart rate and distance traveled markers you’d expect on a state-of-the-art machine. We instantly put the large bottle holder, auxiliary cable jack, book/tablet rest, and built-in fan to work. Though the speaker setup lacked the oomph we needed for a thumping workout soundtrack. 

Folding away is simple—you just lift the belt piece—and unfolding is a breeze with an easy-to-use pedal. But it’s worth noting that, when folded away, the belt sticks out at about a 50-degree angle, taking up extra space. We also noticed a small thunking sound on the belt that the assembly team assured us will decrease with use over time. We loved that the Bluetooth connectivity allowed us to connect with familiar training apps like Zwift, Daily Burn, or Peloton. So we could easily transition to this new treadmill without necessarily uploading (or learning to navigate) a pile of new tech.

Price at time of publication: $999

Product Details:

  • Max Speed: 12 MPH
  • Foldable: Yes (though partially)
  • App Connectivity: Yes
  • Additional Features: Bluetooth connectivity, 60-inch three-zone cushioned deck, lifetime frame and motor warranty
7.0AT Studio Treadmill

Health / Mike Navarro

Best Budget

Xterra Fitness TR Folding Treadmill

XTERRA Fitness TR Folding Treadmill


Why We Like It: Everything you need (and nothing you don’t) in a super compact and highly functional budget treadmill.

It’s Worth Noting: Aesthetically speaking, this treadmill won’t be to everybody’s tastes.

Though it was delivered unassembled, setting up the XTERRA Fitness TR Folding Treadmill was as easy as attaching the side rails with three bolts each. Connecting to the XTERRA app was equally simple, allowing us to access all the metrics of our workouts from day one.

At first glance, it’s obvious that this model lacks some of the gadgetry, features, and tech of its more expensive counterparts. But we found its Bluetooth connectivity to third-party apps allowed for plenty of extra options for how (and where) we chose to track our progress. And adding multiple profiles—complete with individual workout goals like weekly distance targets or calories burned—allowed several family members to save and customize workout routines.

The side handlebar toggles made mid-workout speed and incline adjustments easy (with 10 options for each). And the no-frills latch/unlatch folding system and wheels made it super compact and transportable when not in use. Most of all, we loved its smooth action, sturdy construction, and fuss-free functionality—making this treadmill a solid choice for people who like to keep their workouts simple and their gear within budget.

Price at time of publication: $637

Product Details:

  • Max Speed: 10 MPH
  • Foldable: Yes
  • App Connectivity: Yes
  • Additional Features: Bluetooth connectivity, 5.5-inch backlit LED display, handlebar controls with ten speed and incline settings
XTERRA Fitness TR Folding Treadmill

Health / Tammy Gardini

Best for Walking

XTERRA Fitness TRX Performance Series Folding Treadmill

XTERRA Fitness TRX Performance Series Folding Treadmill


Why We Like It: An accessible, functional choice for those who want to walk or jog just a little further.

It’s Worth Noting: The maximum 15% incline is a little light for people with hardcore endurance goals.

Don’t let the complicated setup and substandard assembly tools get you off on the wrong foot. Once we got through the physical assembly and connected in-app, establishing profiles and getting started on this treadmill was intuitive and trouble-free.

Navigating from feature to feature, streaming via services like Netflix or Hulu, flicking between display modes (walking path, anyone?), and even mirroring whatever you’re looking at on your phone all happens on the 10.1-inch touchscreen. We found it useful to adjust incline and speed settings on-screen pre-workout, and via the handlebar buttons while we were mid-stride.

While we found the basic lift-up folding function adequate, its size might be a consideration for people with limited mobility or strength. And its comparatively large footprint when folded up is definitely a consideration for people with minimal space.

Though you may want to consider more advanced models if you have hardcore endurance goals, we found the XTERRA Fitness Sport Series Folding Treadmill perfect for supplementing our existing routines with extra walking during the week.

Price at time of publication: $1,862

Product Details:

  • Max Speed: 12 MPH
  • Foldable: Yes
  • App Connectivity: Yes
  • Additional Features: Bluetooth connectivity, 10.1-inch touchscreen display, handlebar controls

Best for Running

Pro-Form Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill

Pro-Form Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill


Why We Like It: A solid treadmill for people who love running laps in their living room.

It’s Worth Noting: Even when folded away, this is a bulky option.

Despite its large size, we found setting up the ProForm Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill pretty simple. And the instructions were easy to follow, though it took a couple of people to put this treadmill together. Once assembled, connection to the streaming service was so intuitive we could start using it right away.

The console features well-positioned speed and incline adjustments and metric tracking. And we loved how the graphic of the track shows you where you are as you run. We found the streaming workouts somewhat underwhelming, however. Plus, we really wished we could watch Netflix or Hulu on its large screen. 

Folding out or away is simple and lightweight, though its size when folded up is definitely a consideration for people in small homes or apartments. Despite these couple of drawbacks, we loved using the ProForm Pro 2000 for manual workouts and found it super helpful for staying on track with our training goals.

Price at time of publication: $1,930

Product Details:

  • Max Speed: 12 MPH
  • Foldable: Yes
  • App Connectivity: Yes
  • Additional Features: Bluetooth connectivity, 10-inch HD touchscreen display, 30-day iFIT Family Membership included
Pro-Form Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill

Health / Sara Michael

Best Features

Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Studio Treadmill

Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Studio Treadmill

Dick's Sporting Goods

Why We Like It: This heavy-duty model packs all the features of a professional treadmill to use at home.

It’s Worth Noting: Allow for two to three people and a few hours to set up.

Brace yourself for a tricky setup here. But once we got up and running, the ease of use and the sheer volume of features made it worth the effort.

The Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Studio Treadmill looks and feels like it belongs in a professional gym. Its easy-to-adjust speed and incline settings, long-running belt, twin cup holders, storage bar, phone or tablet stand, comfortable handlebars, speakers, USB port, fan, and highly responsive controls make for a streamlined and highly customizable workout. And its Bluetooth connectivity to apps like Peloton or Zwift makes tracking your progress simple on platforms you’re already familiar with.

There’s no hiding from the size of this treadmill, though—even when folded it is huge. But if you have the space and the cash, we found its premium feel enticing for workouts we looked forward to day after day.

Price at time of publication: $2,700

Product Details:

  • Max Speed: 12 MPH
  • Foldable: Yes
  • App Connectivity: Yes
  • Additional Features: Bluetooth connectivity, 9.3-inch full-color display, speakers, fan, USB port
Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Studio Treadmill

Health / Michelle Parente

Best Under-Desk

Egofit Walker M1/M1T Under Desk Electric Walking Treadmill

Egofit Walker Pro-M1 Under Desk Treadmill


Why We Like It: Lightweight, portable, and quiet, this treadmill does the trick for low-key workouts and active rest days.

It’s Worth Noting: With a max speed of 3.1 MPH, you’re not breaking much of a sweat.

We found the Egofit Walker Pro a solid option if you’re looking to up your steps while working, watching TV, or even folding laundry. With a setup as simple as plugging it in and inserting batteries in the remote controller, we were pacing it out in our guest rooms, balconies, and bedrooms (even while on work calls) in minutes.

Its small size makes this model easily storable in a closet or under the bed. And we loved some of the smaller details like a wrist strap for the remote, keeping our hands free for other things. Connectivity is limited to a proprietary app, however, which we found not overly intuitive and difficult to navigate. We also found the console tricky to read from a standing position—definitely worth considering if you have poor eyesight.

We loved how its smooth action and comfortable surface were fantastic for relieving aching shins and joints after more high-impact exercise. And though we didn’t break any speed records, we’d recommend this model for light activity on rest days, or for people who are looking to up their steps, albeit gently.

Price at time of publication: $479

Product Details:

  • Max Speed: 3.1 MPH
  • Foldable: Yes
  • App Connectivity: Yes (though limited)
  • Additional Features: Compact design, 5% incline, remote control

Best Foldable

WalkingPad P1 Foldable Treadmill

WalkingPad P1 Foldable Treadmill


Why We Like It: A sleek treadmill that’s (almost) small enough to slide under the couch.

It’s Worth Noting: With no connectivity to third-party apps, you’re married to the tech that’s provided.

The first thing we noticed straight out of the box is this model’s understated, elegant design. And while it lacks some of the bells, whistles, and features of its more expensive (and much bigger) counterparts, its clean lines and storability make it a great option in a small space.

In essence, this treadmill is a very basic walking pad, and not much else. We found the tiny screen on the remote too small for checking stats mid-workout. And, though the app provided is useful for tracking all the basic metrics, it was frustrating not to be able to connect to the third-party fitness apps we otherwise use. We also found that the mechanism jerks when changing speeds mid-stride, and with no handles to grab you have to pay attention.

Those few gripes aside, there are some things that this treadmill does very well. The folding design and wheels make it super easy to stash. The limited functionality and simple setup make it super easy to use. And while it won’t meet the requirements of a serious gym session, keep this treadmill lying around and you can easily fit in some extra steps as you go about your day.

Price at time of publication: $500

Product Details:

  • Max Speed: 3.75 MPH
  • Foldable: Yes
  • App Connectivity: Yes (though limited)
  • Additional Features: Compact foldable design, remote control

Our Testing Process

To determine the best at-home treadmills in each of our categories, first we spoke with several training specialists and sports injury experts. Health professionals we consulted include:

Our testing team comprised a mix of life’s-a-gym fitness fanatics (even a powerlifter!) through to casual walkers and people building strength post-surgery. We even enlisted some of our parents, kids, and partners. Using our experts’ advice as guidelines, we tested each treadmill for a minimum of four days per week for one month on two separate occasions. We jogged and walked at different speeds and evaluated parameters including ease of use, comfort, features, foldability, and overall value for money. 

What to Know About Treadmills

If you’re new to treadmills or jogging in general, our experts recommend consulting a personal trainer or physician before you start to get an idea of the frequency and duration that’s right for you.

ACE certified functional training specialist Noelle McKenzie suggests starting out every other day, at moderate speed, distance, and incline, and gradually building frequency and distance depending on how you feel post-workout. Certified personal trainer Courtney Pardini agrees, adding that you should always schedule at least one rest and recovery day each week to allow your muscles to recover.

Features and Sizing

Given the vast range of price points, size, foldability, app connectivity, and features, there’s a lot to consider when weighing up the right treadmill for you. We asked our experts to share their must-haves, so you can construct a wish list of your own. But before you do, we also suggest measuring the exact size of the space where you’ll be using it, so you can compare folded and unfolded dimensions and save yourself the guesswork.

For performance and sports psychologist Dr. Haley Perlus, size is the obvious first consideration, and to make sure that your treadmill also offers the safety features required for your level of fitness and mobility. ACE certified functional training specialist Noelle McKenzie rates safety as the number-one consideration and says to ensure there’s a safety key and rails, and an emergency stop option in case you ever trip or fall. She also prefers treadmills with adjustable inclines and extra features like heart-rate monitoring and data collection that allow you to track the distance you traveled, your pace, and recovery time.  

Certified personal trainer Courtney Pardini says to be mindful of physical factors like the belt length, horsepower, and the noisiness of the machine. She also says that the size and function of the screen (i.e. touchscreen, Bluetooth compatibility, easy-to-adjust buttons) and features like built-in interval training are all worth considering.

Personal trainer and life coach Kollins Ezekh recommends checking the overall size and the capacity of the treadmill to accommodate your height, weight, and stride length. If you’re looking to change-up your workout intensity or target specific muscle groups, he suggests comparing motor power and incline variability. And he says to look for models with cushioned decks for shock absorption for lower-impact workouts.

More Treadmills to Consider

While these treadmills didn’t top any of our categories, they may still be of interest to you.

  • Sunny Health & Fitness Strider Foldable Smart Treadmill: Portable and with a small (approximately 8-inches high) profile in its folded position, this model features a decent speed range (0.6 – 9MPH), pre-programmed interval workouts, and a paired app. However, it lacked any incline options and an over-sensitive auto-stop safety clip that unnecessarily halted the machine mid-workout multiple times. Still, it’s a solid piece of machinery for the price (around $500), and worth considering for casual at-home mid-distance jogging.
  • ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill: This treadmill delivers on the range of features, setting options, usability, stat-tracking, foldability, and comfort that you’d expect in a mid-to-high-end machine (around $2,100). But its connectivity limitations mean you’re committed to using the iFIT app, which lacks options unless you opt for a paid subscription. So unless iFIT is your thing, and you don’t mind the extra ongoing costs, you’ll likely find a better bang for your buck elsewhere.

Your Questions, Answered

Is a treadmill good for weight loss?  

Our experts gave us a resounding yes! Personal trainer and life coach Kollins Ezekh recommends walking or running to help burn calories and support weight-loss goals. Personal trainer Courtney Pardini adds that on top of helping you maintain a healthy weight, incorporating walking and/or running into your daily routine can help with a boost to your energy levels and your overall cardiovascular fitness. Win-win-win. 

Are cheap treadmills worth it?   

Yes! When we tested treadmills at home, even the least expensive models we tried saw us up our step counts. Most of us felt the very presence of a treadmill in our homes made us more inclined to get moving than we would be to head out for a jog or workout in the gym. So, with the caveat that you should always look for safety features like auto shut-offs, we found inexpensive treadmills useful for reaching our workout goals.

How much does a treadmill cost?   

The models we tested ranged between $480 and $3,000, though we’ve seen discounted options as low as $300. And at the top end, the sky’s the limit—with commercial gym-ready treadmills fetching well above $10,000.

Who We Are

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Loren Brutsch, the editor of this article, has personally tested treadmills on this list and owns the XTERRA Fitness TR Folding Treadmill. She highly recommends this treadmill if you’re not concerned about its lack of aesthetics. She personally loves being able to walk during meetings and stay active even with a desk job.

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  1. American Heart Association. American heart association recommendations for physical activity in adults and kids.

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