Best Oven-Ready Meal Delivery Services

CookUnity is our top pick for prepared meal delivery

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Oven-ready meals are a quick and delicious way to help take the guesswork out of making dinner. These meals are prepared by chefs and registered dietitians and delivered straight to your door for the ultimate time-saving convenience. That means no chopping or measuring required.

We’ve reviewed the best heat-and-eat meal delivery services to meet a range of needs including dietary goals, sustainability, and value.

Best Oven-Ready Meal Delivery Services of 2022

Best Overall: CookUnity

Cook Unity

Cook Unity Star Rating: 4.5

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $10.39
  • Delivery Area: 39 states
  • Products Arrive: Fresh

Why You Should Try It

 CookUnity wins as best overall oven-ready meal delivery service for its diverse menu offerings that are both chef- and dietitian-developed and its superior ease of preparation, taste, and ingredient quality. This service is great for food lovers looking to broaden their palates while also keeping eco-friendliness and dietary needs in mind.

Pros & Cons

  • Offers over 300 menu items across a range of diets

  • Reheating instructions available on website, mobile app and meals

  • Chefs and dietitian involved in menu development

  • Limited information about nutrition standards used

  • Limited to four or fewer servings


With a frequently rotating menu of over 300 items from well-established chefs specializing in various culinary cuisines, exploring new foods is easy with CookUnity. With the ability to filter out meals by a range of categories including gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, low-carb, organic, paleo, vegan, and more, it’s easy to meet your nutritional needs. At CookUnity, being mindful of environmental impact is non-negotiable, so there is an emphasis on ingredients like free-range eggs and poultry, grass-fed and organic beef, and locally-sourced seafood and produce.

Pricing and Plans

  • 4 meals per week: $12.69 per meal
  • 6 meals per week: $11.39 per meal
  • 8 meals per week: $10.89 per meal
  • 12 meals per week: $10.49 per meal
  • 16 meals per week: $10.39 per meal

Meals We Tried

  • Coconut lime hanger steak
  • Carnitas street tacos
  • Butternut squash ravioli
  • Chili roasted shrimp

Best Vegan: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest Star Rating: 4.5

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $6.79
  • Delivery Area: 49 states
  • Products Arrive: Frozen

Why You Should Try It 

With a full menu of over 100 easy-to-prepare meals including soups and flatbreads, Daily Harvest makes it easy to incorporate chef-crafted food built on sustainably sourced fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Pros & Cons

  • Meals created to help you eat more fruits and vegetables

  • Flexible plans

  • Focused on sustainability and a regenerative food system

  • Limited description of nutrient thresholds for dietary accommodations

  • No substitutions


No matter your dietary preference, Daily Harvest can help you incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet with its convenient, easy-to-prepare smoothies and meals. Besides vegan and vegetarian diets, Daily Harvest also caters to keto, low carb, calorie-restricted eating plans, and more.

Pricing and Plans

  • 9 items: $56–$103
  • 14 items: $85–$158
  • 24 items: $138–$263

Meals We Tried

  • Mint and cacao smoothie
  • Mango papaya smoothie
  • Hazelnut and chocolate bites
  • Tomatillo and pepper flatbread
  • Portobello and pesto flatbread
  • Sweet potato and wild rice hash
  • Brussels sprouts and tahini harvest bowl
  • Spinach and shiitake grits
  • Tomato and zucchini minestrone soup

Best Vegetarian: ModifyHealth

Modify Health
Modify Health.

Modify Health Star Rating: 4.3

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $11.75
  • Delivery Area: 50 states
  • Products Arrive: Fresh

Why You Should Try It 

Though ModifyHealth is specifically geared for those with chronic health conditions such as IBS, IBD, celiac disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, the company offers a variety of meals anyone can enjoy.

Pros & Cons

  • Dietitian available for ongoing support

  • Allow for ingredient exclusions if desired

  • Can’t order across multiple diets


ModifyHealth’s mission is to make “food as medicine'' simple and sustainable for the masses. Instead of tailoring meals to fad diets, the company takse an evidence-based approach by offering doctor and dietitian-recommended diets, including the Mediterranean diet and low FODMAP diet, to help those with chronic health conditions and support general wellness.

Pricing and Plans


  • 6 or more meals 
  • Breakfast: $9.95 each
  • 7 or fewer entrees: $13.50 each
  • 8 or more entrees: $12.95 each
  • 14 or 21 entrees (breakfast & entrees): starting at $180 per weeks


  • 6 or more meals
  • 7 meals or fewer: $13.50 each
  • 8 or more meals: $12.95 each
  • 10 meals per week: $12.95 each

 Meals We Tried

  • Greek chicken and rice
  • Longevity stew with black-eyed peas and kale
  • Shrimp chimichurri with black beans and rice
  • Lemon thyme chicken with tahini cauliflower and za’atar quinoa
  • Blackened salmon with quinoa, broccoli and red bell pepper
  • Roasted pistachio salmon with white beans and kale

Best High Protein: Pete’s Real Food

Pete's Real Food Logo

Pete's Real Food Star Rating: 4.2

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $15.60
  • Delivery Area: 50 states
  • Products Arrive: Fresh

Why You Should Try It 

Pete’s Real Food is upfront about nutrition and emphasizes grams of protein and ounces of vegetables per serving. During our testing, we liked that nutritional information is accessible and easy to find, and there is a focus on whole-food ingredients.

Pros & Cons

  • Very diverse offerings across flavor profiles, dish compositions and cuisine types

  • Focuses on fresh whole food

  • Preparation instructions are straightforward

  • Meals only have a microwave reheat option

  • Nutritionist but no registered dietitian on staff


Pete’s Real Food focuses on “real food” made by real people, with everything made from scratch in house. It’s a good option for those without major dietary restrictions looking for quality quick and easy meals and who are not on a strict budget. In addition to their paleo options, they also cater to vegan and keto diets. 

Pricing and Plans

  • 5-meal plan: $98 ($19.58 per meal)
  • 10 meal plan: $191 ($19.11 per meal)
  • 14 meal plan: $251 ($17.95 per meal)
  • Family plan: $359 ($17.96 per meal)
  • Lite plan: $121 ($17.28 per meal)

Meals We Tried

  • Grilled chicken with sautéed cabbage and green goddess potato salad
  • Chicken chili with oven roasted tomatoes and spaghetti squash
  • Beef stroganoff over sweet potato noodles
  • Chicken meatballs with cauliflower mash and sweet potato fries
  • Turkey burgers with lemon garlic asparagus and roasted purple potato wedges

Best Gluten-Free: Epicured

Epicured logo

Epicured Star Rating: 4.1

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $10.29
  • Delivery Area: 48 states
  • Products Arrive: Fresh

Why You Should Try It 

When we tested these meals, we liked that not only is Epicured gluten-free and low FODMAP, but the company’s meals are also dietitian-approved. 

Pros & Cons

  • Very diverse offerings across multiple meal periods

  • Accommodates a range of diets including vegan, vegetarian and GERD-friendly

  • Meals are dietitian-approved and backed by science

  • Limited to four or fewer servings when ordering

  • Delivery date is pre-set


Epicured models its gluten-free, low FODMAP meals with a “food as medicine” philosophy in mind. When selecting from a wide range of items across breakfast, snacks, desserts and entrées, users have the ability to filter by allergens and dietary preference.

Pricing and Plans

  • Build your own box: $15 per dish on average; free shipping over $100 

Meals We Tried

  • Vietnamese rice noodles (veggie)
  • Pad thai with chicken
  • Grilled salmon (sesame crusted)
  • Pulled BBQ chicken

Best for Sustainability: Territory

Territory Foods logo

Territory Foods Star Rating: 4.3

Key Specs

  • Starting Price: $11.95
  • Delivery Area: 27 states
  • Products Arrive: Fresh

Why You Should Try It 

Compared to other companies, this service uses limited packaging and simplifies recycling, making it a stand-out choice for sustainability. 

Pros & Cons

  • Accommodates a range of eating styles

  • Nutrition facts and information about diets provided

  • Registered dieticians involved in meal planning and labeling process

  • Limited variety of meals to choose from

  • Only delivers to a select number of states


Territory is a smart choice for those with sustainability in mind who are also looking to meet their specific dietary needs such as vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, milk-free, gluten-free, keto/low carb, Whole30, and low fat. With a detailed breakdown of each eating style and easily accessible nutrition and recycling information, this program is good for those living within Territory’s limited delivery area.   

Pricing and Plans

  • 10 meals starting at $13.95 per meal

Meals We Tried

  • Beef birria de res with salsa rojo
  • Salmon and spinach croquette with arugula salad and lemon caper vinaigrette
  • Chicken shawarma quinoa bowl with pickled red onions and tahini sauce
  • “Sattvik” red dal kitchari with coconut yogurt and turmeric cauliflower

 Final Verdict

There are a lot of options when it comes to oven-ready meal delivery services but ultimately CookUnity was our number one choice. While many services offer sustainability, affordability, and dietary specialties, CookUnity covers all of these and more. With its broad menu, straightforward preparation instructions, reasonable price, and focus on ingredient quality, this delivery service is a smart choice for those looking for meals that are ready to heat and eat.

Compare the Best Oven-Ready Meal Delivery Services

Company Starting Price Delivery Area Products Arrive Customers Can Choose Delivery Date?  Free Shipping?
Best Overall CookUnity $10.39 per serving  39 states Fresh Yes Yes, depending on how many meals ordered
Best Vegan Daily Harvest $6.79 per serving 49 states Frozen Yes  Yes, with a recurring plan
Best Vegetarian ModifyHealth $11.75 per serving 50 states Fresh  No Yes
Best High Protein Pete's Real Food $15.60 per serving 50 states Fresh No Yes for select states
Best Gluten-Free Epicured $10.29 per serving 48 states Fresh No Yes, on orders over $100
Best for Sustainability Territory $11.95 per serving  27 states Fresh Yes No

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Oven-Ready Meals Fresh?

All the services that we reviewed were delivered fresh with the exception of Daily Harvest, which specializes in smoothies in addition to other meal options. All other meals we reviewed came with fresh pre-portioned ingredients in oven-safe trays that require little to no preparation. Additionally, many of the meals we reviewed have multiple preparation methods, including microwave and stove top.

How Long Do Oven-Ready Meals Stay Good For?

Depending on the meal delivery service used, a use-by date and even freeze-by date are typically included on the packaging. This can range from three to seven days when consumed fresh and longer when frozen. Use-by dates are largely influenced by the ingredients used in the dish.

Can Oven-Ready Meals Help With Weight Loss?

Some of the oven-ready meal delivery services we reviewed offer calorie- and portion-controlled meals which can help support weight loss efforts. Nutritional information is provided with many meals and easily accessible on the website, apps, and on the meal itself. Additionally, some services offer access to registered dietitians who can provide ongoing support and personalized recommendations.  

Are Oven-Ready Meals Customizable to My Diet Restriction?

While some of the heat-and-eat meal delivery services we reviewed specifically cater to certain diets, many offer the option to filter through dietary restrictions such as dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and low-carb. This allows you to customize your meals according to your specific dietary needs. Additionally, many of the services are transparent in labeling potential food allergens.


We researched, ordered from, and tested 40 meal delivery services, many of which have heat-and-eat meals. When evaluating each, we considered key aspects including sustainability, transparency, cookability, taste, customer service, nutrition, and availability of a dietitian, as well as cost and number of diets catered to. The data we collected informed our list of companies that address a variety of dietary needs.

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