The 8 Nose Hair Trimmers of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Philips Norelco’s Nose Trimmer has various attachments and is comfortable to use, even for those with sensitive skin.

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Best Nose Hair Trimmers of 2023


Although your nose hairs may frustrate you, they have multiple benefits. When an irritant becomes entangled in our nose hair, it stimulates nerve endings, which sends a message to our brains and causes us to sneeze. Here, your nose hairs are actually protecting you by stopping these irritants from getting into your lungs.

However, there isn’t much benefit once the hair extends past the nostrils. And, for aesthetic reasons, we may prefer to trim these hairs from time to time. According to Samuel Hetz, MD, physician, and Medical Director at Concept Medical, there could also be added benefits to trimming. “If you have very dense nose hair, you may notice an increase in air flow after trimming your nose hairs,” he says. 

There are, of course, many ways to get rid of nose hair. You could use scissors, pluck them, wax them, tweeze them, or use a nose hair trimmer. “It’s not good to pluck, pull, or tweeze nose hair because of the possibility of infection. Since the nose has delicate mucous membrane tissue, pulling out the hairs is not ideal,” Donna Brown, esthetician, and owner of Sadona Salon and Spa, says. Brown recommends using a high-quality nose hair trimmer instead.

To find the best nose hair trimmers, we tested various popular models for effectiveness, comfort, ease of cleaning, extra features, cost, and more. A board-certified otolaryngologist on our Medical Expert Board also reviewed this article for medical and scientific accuracy surrounding what to look for in nose hair trimmers, their safety, and other methods of removing nose hair.

Whether you're looking for a basic model or want something with additional features, here are the best nose hair trimmers on the market.

Best Overall

Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 5000

Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 5000


Why We Like It: It has dual-sided blades to cut hair without pulling, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

It’s Worth Noting: The battery isn’t rechargeable so will need replacing when it runs out.

As soon as you open the box, there’s a battery included so you can get Philips Norelco’s Nose Trimmer up and running in a matter of minutes. Our tester has sensitive skin, but they liked how this nose hair trimmer didn’t pull, snag, or cut the skin in any way. This is thanks to the dual-sided blades on Philips Norelco’s nose trimmer. 

There are five different attachments so you can use this trimmer on your ears and eyebrows—as well as your nose. The trimmer, attachments, and combs are water resistant, making them easy to clean. Simply run them under warm water to do so. There’s even a small cleaning brush included, helping to dislodge any hair that doesn’t get removed by water.

And what’s more—you get a carrying case with this item in case you want to take it with you while you travel. A two-year warranty is also included, and our tester noted that the instructions are easy to follow.

Price at time of publication: $20

Product Details:

  • Rotary or Slide Cutter: Both
  • Materials: Alloy steel
  • Cleaning: Run under warm water
  • Extra features: Pouch and two eyebrow guards included

Best Nose & Ear

MANSCAPED The Weed Whacker Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

MANSCAPED The Weed Whacker Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer


Why We Like It: It has a contoured design, so it sits well in your hand and enables more precise hair trimming.

It’s Worth Noting: It’s the most expensive nose hair trimmer on our list.

We were impressed by nearly everything when it came to MANSCAPED’s The Weed Whacker, but especially the contoured 23-degree design of this nose trimmer. This makes it easy to hold, even if mobility or flexibility is a concern for you. This design also means that it enables more precise hair trimming, too.

Because it’s waterproof, it can be used inside or outside of the shower. Our tester noted how easy it was to remove and clean the attachment under water. A small cleaning brush is also included.

We like that the battery on this nose hair trimmer is rechargeable. You can even replace the rotary blade with a new one if you wish to change it at any point (replacement blades are sold separately). 

“This product is very well packaged and straightforward to use, clean, and charge. The included directions are clear, brief, and illustrative. The trimmer itself is very lightweight and slightly curved at the handle so it sits nicely in your hand while using,” said our tester. However, its price could be a turnoff for those who prefer a budget buy. 

Price at time of publication: $35

Product Details:

  • Rotary or Slide Cutter: Rotary
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Cleaning: Run under warm water
  • Extra features: Can be used wet or dry, rotary cutter can be replaced if required, 360-degree rotary blade system

Easiest to Use

Panasonic Wet/Dry Nose Hair Trimmer

Panasonic Wet/Dry Nose Hair Trimmer


Why We Like It: It has a unique cleaning mode, making it extremely easy to get rid of hair stubble.

It’s Worth Noting: You’ll need a battery on hand because it’s not included with this purchase.

While some nose trimmers can be messy and loud, that’s not the case with Panasonic’s Nose Ear Hair Trimmer. In testing, we found that the trimmer caught most of the hair and that it was especially quiet for a nose hair trimmer. We also appreciated the unique cleaning mode on this trimmer—simply turn it to cleaning mode, immerse it in water, turn it on, and your hair stubble will be gone in seconds.

The instructions were easy to follow, and our tester was in no pain during use. You even get a protective clipper cap so the blade isn’t left exposed when you’re not using it. We liked that it’s waterproof so you can trim your hair inside or outside of the shower. It’s a little bit on the higher end of pricing, but we think it’s worth it since it’s a slimline design and has dual-edge blades for precise trimming. 

Price at time of publication: $23

Product Details:

  • Rotary or Slide Cutter: Rotary
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Cleaning: Run under warm water (trimmer has a special cleaning mode to make cleaning quick and easy)
  • Extra features: Can be used wet or dry, protective nose clipper cap and cleaning brush are included
Panasonic Wet/Dry Nose Hair Trimmer

Health / Jessica Hill

Best Budget

Wahl Lithium Micro GroomsMan Men’s Trimmer

Wahl Lithium Micro GroomsMan Men's Trimmer


Why We Like It: Despite its inexpensive price, this is a reliable and durable nose hair trimmer. 

It’s Worth Noting: It’s more basic than other options on our list, which means it doesn’t have any extra features. 

Proving that high-quality products can come at inexpensive prices, Wahl’s Wet/Dry Men’s Trimmer gets the job done in a budget-friendly way. It surprised us in testing because even though it’s inexpensive, it was still easy to use and didn’t pull or yank hair during use. Because the battery is included in the box, we were able to use this nose trimmer straight away. It literally took minutes to open and set up.

We liked how easy and self-explanatory everything was, and it’s waterproof so can be used inside or outside of the shower. There are two attachments provided, and we especially appreciated the detail attachment. “I felt like I was in control because the trimmer looked like a comb, so I could see exactly how far it was going in,” our tester said.

Simply put? Although there are no extra features as seen with other items on our list, Wahl’s Wet/Dry Men’s Trimmer is a reliable and trustworthy nose hair trimmer. 

Price at time of publication: $13

Product Details:

  • Rotary or Slide Cutter: Both
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Cleaning: Run under warm water
  • Extra features: Can be used wet or dry, eyebrow comb included

Best for Travel

Conair MAN Battery-Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer

Conair MAN Battery-Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer


Why We Like It: It’s lightweight and compact, and even comes with a travel case.

It’s Worth Noting: It’s a little noisier than other nose hair trimmers.

For travel, you want a nose hair trimmer that’s lightweight and compact, and that’s definitely something you get with Conair’s Man Ear/Nose Trimmer. This nose trimmer is easy to set up and fits well in your hand, too. Our tester noted that it was easy to switch attachments and that it doesn’t hurt while trimming your nose hair. We also appreciated the 360 bevel cutting system, which cuts cleanly and evenly through all types of hair.

Even though the attachments are water resistant, the handle is not and it can’t be immersed in water. Our only complaint is that it’s noisier than other options on our list. Our tester mentioned, “The only thing I dislike about this is the noise level, but I think this unit is so efficient that you aren't running it for long.” 

That said, we liked everything else about this nose hair trimmer enough to recommend it as the best of its type. It needs one AA battery to operate, which isn’t included in the package.

Price at time of publication: $25

Product Details:

  • Rotary or Slide Cutter: Both
  • Materials: Not listed
  • Cleaning: Attachments can be cleaned with warm water, but the handle can’t be immersed in water
  • Extra features: Compact design, 360 bevel cutting system, storage pouch included

Best Compact

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer ER430K

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer ER430K


Why We Like It: The micro-vacuum system collects hair for easy cleanup and less mess during use.

It’s Worth Noting: It only comes with one rotary cutter, whereas some other nose hair trimmers have different attachments for various needs. 

Weighing less than 4 ounces, we like how lightweight and compact this nose hair trimmer is. Our tester noticed that there wasn’t a lot of hair in the filter after using it, and this is largely due to the micro-vacuum system which collects hair for easy cleanup and less mess during use. You’re able to use this nose hair trimmer wet or dry, and the ergonomic design means that it’s both easy to hold and could even be beneficial for those with grip or mobility issues. 

Similar to Panasonics’ Nose Ear Hair Trimmer, there’s a unique cleaning system that makes cleaning simple to do. The only downside is that it only offers a rotary cutter, whereas other options on this list have both rotary and detail attachments. Otherwise, our tester mentioned that it didn’t pull the hair during use, and you even get a protective cap and carry case with this purchase. 

Price at time of publication: $21

Product Details:

  • Rotary or Slide Cutter: Rotary
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Cleaning: Run under warm water (trimmer has a special cleaning mode to make cleaning quick and easy)
  • Extra features: Can be used wet or dry, ergonomic design, cleaning brush included

Best Multi-Use

Wahl Ear, Nose, & Brow Trimmer

Wahl Ear, Nose, & Brow Trimmer


Why We Like It: You don’t need different trimmers for different needs—this one performs multiple jobs in one.

It’s Worth Noting: The detail trimmer is tricky to insert and will not work if not done properly.

Wahl’s Ear, Nose, & Brow Trimmer Clipper earned our pick for the best multi-use nose hair trimmer because it has three different heads for all your needs. The detail head can be used for necklines, sideburns, eyebrows, and ears. The reciprocating head can be used for detailing and edging. And the rotary head is great for nose and ear hair trimming. Our tester did mention, however, “The only issue is the attachment for the brow/sideburn is a little tricky to insert and if you do not do it correctly it will not turn on.” 

When your nose hairs get too long, you may be tempted to cut them with scissors, but you could hurt yourself by doing this. Our tester, who has been skeptical about trimmers hurting in the past, was impressed with this nose trimmer. There was no pulling of the hairs while they used it, and we especially appreciated the budget-friendly price point (it’s one of the lowest on this list).

If you're looking for a more affordable alternative to pricey nose hair trimmers, Wahl’s nose hair trimmer has the right combination of attachments and extras for your needs. Simply insert the included AA battery and you’ll be trimming in minutes.

Price at time of publication: $16

Product Details:

  • Rotary or Slide Cutter: Both
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Cleaning: Run under warm water
  • Extra features: Can be used wet or dry, two-position guide comb included for short to medium trimming

Best with Light

MicroTouch Titanium MAX Lighted Personal Trimmer

MicroTouch Titanium MAX Lighted Personal Trimmer


Why We Like It: Weighing just over 3 ounces, it’s a compact and lightweight trimmer that has multiple uses.

It’s Worth Noting: There’s no rotary cutter so if this is what you’re used to or prefer, it may not be the right option for you.

We chose MicroTouch’s Lighted Personal Trimmer as our best nose hair trimmer with a light. Our tester was surprised that this nose hair trimmer doesn’t cost more given how versatile it is. While some nose hair trimmers can only be used on the nose, this one can be used on necklines, sideburns, eyebrows, ears, and of course, the nose. 

Our tester noticed that this nose trimmer was easy to figure out. Even though an instruction manual is included, it wasn’t needed. We did find that cleaning it (compared to other trimmers) was more difficult to do. “You have to brush quite a few times to get the hairs to come out, but when running it under water it is much easier,” said our tester.

All in all, this nose hair trimmer comes at a budget-friendly price point and works well in the sense that it didn’t tickle or make the tester feel uncomfortable during use. There’s even a non-slip rubber grip, making it easy to hold, and of course, the light helps with those hard-to-reach places.

Price at time of publication: $15

Product Details:

  • Rotary or Slide Cutter: Slide
  • Power source: One AA battery (included)
  • Cleaning: Use the cleaning brush provided but do not immerse the handle in water
  • Extra features: Non-slip rubber grip, features a built-in light

Our Testing Process

The Health team tested the most popular nose hair trimmers to determine which ones were most effective and comfortable to use.

We also spoke with two experts to discuss what to look for when selecting nose hair trimmers. The experts we spoke to included:

  • Samuel Hetz, MD, physician, and Medical Director at Concept Medical
  • Donna Brown, esthetician, and owner of Sadona Salon and Spa

We paid particular attention to things like how easy the manufacturer’s instructions were to understand, how loud the trimmer was, how to clean the trimmer, and whether or not it pulled and yanked the hair while trimming.

What to Know About Nose Hair Trimmers

How To Use a Nose Hair Trimmer Painlessly

In order to use a nose hair trimmer painlessly, it’s important to read the manufacturer’s guidelines. These will tell you what to do and what not to do when it comes to using your nose hair trimmer. Next, having a good-quality device that cuts the hairs rather than pulling them always helps. 

If it ever gets to the point where trimming your nose hair is too painful to manage, stop and try again the next day. This also may be a sign that you’re trying to get rid of too much hair, which isn’t recommended. Or, it could also be a sign that your nose trimmer needs replacing because the blades aren’t working as they should be.

How to Clean a Nose Hair Trimmer

Every nose trimmer is different and so the cleaning process depends on the one you purchase. Some are waterproof, so you can simply rinse off the handle and attachments while you’re in the shower or at the sink. With others, the attachments are waterproof but the handle isn’t—so you’ll need to take off the attachments and ensure that the handle isn’t immersed in water. If it is, it could damage the nose hair trimmer. A cleaning brush is often provided too, which can help to dislodge any hairs that don’t come off easily with water.

From time to time, we recommend giving your nose hair trimmer a deeper clean. “A good household product for disinfecting your materials is rubbing alcohol, which you can put on a cotton ball and rub on the tip of the trimmer,” Dr. Hetz says. Depending on how often you use it, this could be every few months.

Effectiveness and Comfort

When it comes to effectiveness and comfort, your main concern should be a pain-free trim. During testing, all of the options were selected because our testers mentioned that they offered a pain-free experience. For the same to apply to you, ensure that you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions and try not to trim too much hair at a time. If you’ve had your nose hair trimmer for a long time, the blades may start to get dull, so consider replacing the trimmer altogether.

Other Uses for Nose Hair Trimmers

Although some nose hair trimmers only have one attachment for the nose or ears, others have multiple attachments for various uses. For example, some trimmers can be used on long eyebrow hairs, sideburns, necklines, beards, or even mustaches. Take a look at each option and think about whether it’ll work for you or not. Of course, every individual is different.

Extra Features and Attachments

A basic and budget-friendly nose hair trimmer, such as Wahl’s Wet/Dry Men’s Trimmer, may be all that you need. Even though it’s inexpensive, it’s still reliable and trustworthy.

However, if you want more than this, you can get nose hair trimmers that have extra features or attachments. This includes (but isn’t limited to) rechargeable batteries, ergonomic or contoured designs, lights, multiple attachments for the nose, ears, and eyebrows, and even a special cleaning mode to make cleaning a breeze. 

Consider all of our recommended trimmers above before you decide which nose trimmer will be the right one for you. What may work for some may not work for you!

More Nose Hair Trimmers to Consider

While not all of the nose hair trimmers we tested made it onto our list, these still may be of interest to you.

  • Zorami Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper: Although this nose hair trimmer can be used for multi-use, our tester found it didn’t work well enough when it came to trimming the nose hairs. There wasn’t a noticeable difference before and after using it. Plus, at the price point of $40, it’s not very budget-friendly.
  • Remington Nose, Ear & Detail Trimmer at Amazon: This nose hair trimmer offers great value, and is one of the least expensive items we tested. But, we found that the product was challenging to use because it wasn’t obvious where the attachments go. Also, it was especially loud for a nose hair trimmer.
  • ToiletTree Products ToiletTree Steel Nose Trimmer at Amazon: Our tester ranked this product as easy to use, but found that it pulled and yanked nose hair, which made it more uncomfortable compared with other brands.

Your Questions, Answered

What is best for nose hair removal?

Using an electric nose hair trimmer is one of the best options for nose hair removal. “Trimming nose hairs with rounded-tip scissors or an electrical nose hair trimmer remains the safest way to remove unwanted nose hairs. Both options ensure the hairs are cut down and not completely removed from the follicle, which is vital for making sure the nose hairs can still do their job,” Dr. Hetz says. Nose hair helps to filter dust and allergens before it enters your lungs, so you never want to completely remove nose hairs. Dr. Hertz also suggests that it’s not recommended to pluck or wax nose hair. If you do, it increases the chances of a follicle developing an ingrown hair or infection. 

Does trimming nose hair help breathing?

Unless there is a large amount of hair around the nose, trimming nose hair doesn’t help with breathing. “For typical nasal hair growth, the body is formed to function perfectly. The only nasal hairs being trimmed should be the ones hanging past the nostrils for esthetic reasons,” Brown says. 

Are electric nose trimmers safe? 

Electric nose trimmers are safe to use, but you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using them. Also, if it’s the first time you’re trimming your nose hair, we recommend that you go slow. The feeling of your nose hair being trimmed may take some getting used to. Also, it’s recommended to use a high-quality nose trimmer that is designed not to hurt. 

“If you’re worried about the density of the nose hair, try cleaning up first with a pair of rounded scissors, then proceed with the electrical trimmer,” says Dr. Hetz. This is especially important if it’s the first time you’re doing it, or if you haven’t trimmed your nose hair in a long time.

How much does a quality nose hair trimmer cost? 

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a reliable nose hair trimmer. You can score a great nose hair trimmer for anything from $13 to $35. 

In some instances, it may be worth paying more for a nose hair trimmer. This is because the more expensive options can come with extra attachments, can be used on the eyebrows or ears as well as the nose, can be easier to clean, and may be more comfortable to hold and use.

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