Test Your Fertility and Motility with these At-Home Sperm Tests

These at-home sperm tests are affordable, discrete, and provide accurate results.

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For many couples, having biological children doesn’t come easily. Infertility, which is defined as trying to conceive for one whole year without success, is a common issue: As many as one in five couples struggle with it in the United States, with male fertility issues contributing to approximately 40%-50% of those cases. Sperm issues, including low sperm count, poor sperm mobility, and abnormal shape and size of sperm, account for 90% of male infertility. 

Fertility issues can be emotionally taxing, on both a personal and relationship level, but home fertility tests can be a good starting point though. While at-home sperm tests can’t replace a comprehensive medical examination, they can help you determine some basic information about your reproductive health. To help you find the best at-home sperm tests, we evaluated dozens of different home fertility tests with the help of a subject matter expert. Here are the ones we liked best based on cost, accuracy, and quality.

At-Home Sperm Tests of 2023

Best For Analysis With Sperm Freezing : Legacy For Today Semen Analysis



Key Specs
  • Cost: $395 + cryogenic storage for four vials of sperm for $145 per year
  • Time to Receive Results: 48 hours
  • What Test Measures: Sperm volume, count, concentration, motility, morphology
Why We Chose It 

Legacy offers an at-home sperm test that’s both comprehensive and quick with the option to add cryogenic sperm freezing for later use. The semen analysis covers all aspects of sperm health and results are ready within two days. Results are available online and you can speak to a fertility expert for guidance, then opt to have your sperm preserved for later use. 

Pros & Cons 
  • Results available within two days 

  • Option to add sperm freezing

  • Analysis includes all aspects of sperm health

  • More expensive than other sperm tests

  • Doesn’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico


The Legacy For Today semen analysis provides a comprehensive analysis of sperm health along with the option to add cryogenic freezing. The test kit comes with a high-quality collection kit designed to ensure safe transportation, with the option for same-day pickup. Sperm analysis is performed at a CLIA-certified lab, meaning it meets the federal regulations for quality laboratory testing. The analysis offers a comprehensive look at five factors of sperm health:

  • Volume: The amount of semen produced 
  • Count: The total number of sperm in the sample; a higher sperm count can increase the chances of conception.
  • Concentration: The number of sperm per milliliter of semen
  • Motility: The percentage of sperm that are moving properly; in order to reach the egg, sperm must be motile.
  • Morphology: The percentage of sperm that are the proper size and shape; abnormally shaped sperm can have a more difficult time reaching an egg.

Results are ready and available online within 48 hours of the sample being received. You can schedule a video call with a fertility expert to review your results and provide guidance on your next steps. Your personalized results will also include evidence-based recommendations on how to improve your fertility based on your lifestyle.

Legacy also offers DNA fragmentation analysis, which looks at the genetic health of your sperm, and cryogenic sperm freezing. There are several package options to choose from:  

  • For Today includes a comprehensive semen analysis for the price of $395 with the option to add cryogenic storage for four vials of sperm for $145 per year
  • For Today + DNA Analysis has a comprehensive semen analysis and DNA fragmentation analysis for the price of $590
  • For Tomorrow offers two comprehensive semen analyses, one STI test kit, and cryogenic storage for five years for the price of $995
  • Forever includes three comprehensive semen analyses, one STI test kit, one DNA fragmentation analysis, and lifetime cryogenic storage for the price of $3,995

Even if you don’t opt for a storage plan, you can add sperm freezing to the analysis for $145 a year. While Legacy is one of the pricier sperm test options, insurance and HSA or FSA benefits are accepted.

Best for Fast Results : Labcorp OnDemand Men’s Rapid Fertility Test



Key Specs
  • Cost: $199
  • Time to Receive Results: Six minutes
  • What Test Measures: Sperm concentration and volume
Why We Chose It 

The men’s rapid fertility test from LabCorp OnDemand is an FDA-cleared at-home test that analyzes two key factors in male fertility: sperm concentration and volume. The kit comes with everything needed to get fast and accurate results.

Pros & Cons 
  • Test is done entirely at home

  • Results available in minutes 

  • FDA-approved test

  • Only two sperm factors analyzed

  • More complicated process 

  • Company has been involved in some controversy


The Labcorp OnDemand men’s rapid fertility test is a fast and reliable at-home sperm test. It’s FDA-approved and engineered to provide the most accurate measurement available.

In addition, it’s a good option for those who want a more reliable test without sending a sample to a lab or waiting for the results. The entire process is done at home, and everything you need is provided in the kit, including the battery-operated analyzer engine, semen containers, droppers, and batteries.

Once you collect your sample, you will need to wait 30 minutes for the sample to liquefy at room temperature before you can run the test. You can wait up to two hours to perform the test. After that, you will add the sample to the engine according to the instructions. The engine will spin automatically and a green light will come on to indicate when the test has been completed, which takes about six minutes.

The total time for the test from start to finish is approximately 45 minutes. Two key sperm factors are analyzed:

  • Sperm Concentration: Three possible results are indicated—low (15 million sperm per mL), moderate (between 15 and 55 million sperm per mL), or optimal (above 55 million sperm per mL).
  • Semen Volume: Two possible results indicated—low (1.5 mL or below) and normal (above 1.5 mL).

At $199, this self-administered sperm test is more expensive than most, but LabCorp does offer a refill kit for $99. You will need to keep the analyzer engine, but additional containers and droppers are provided.

The other negative with the OnDemand fertility test is the risk of user error. Although it’s a relatively quick test, the process is much more complicated than other at-home sperm tests. In addition, LabCorp has come under some controversy in recent years due to a data breach from 2019-2020 that exposed millions of patient records.

Best for Comprehensive Analysis : Fellow



Key Specs
  • Cost: $189
  • Time to Receive Results: 1.5 days
  • What Test Measures: Sperm volume, concentration, count, motility, Total motile count, morphology
Why We Chose It 

The at-home sperm test from Fellow provides an in-depth semen analysis, looking at six factors, to give you the most comprehensive account of your fertility health. Along with that, it has been validated in a peer-reviewed journal.

Pros & Cons 
  • Peer-reviewed test with clinical validation

  • Provides in-depth sperm analysis

  • Option to add sperm freezing

  • Not available in New York or Rhode Island

  • No community or post-test support offered


Fellow’s at-home sperm test has clinically proven results that have been peer-reviewed and published in a scientific fertility journal. In addition, the analysis is done in a CLIA-certified lab and looks at a total of six factors for sperm health: volume, count, motility, total motile count, and morphology.

Once the analysis is complete, the results are reviewed by a doctor to ensure accuracy before being shared with you. You will get a full report within one-and-a-half days.

Along with sperm testing, Fellow offers the option of cryopreservation which can be added for an additional $140 per year.  

You can also get an itemized receipt to submit to your HSA or FSA plan for reimbursement. Fellow is currently available in 48 states with the exception of New York and Rhode Island due to state restrictions.

Best for Easy Testing : SpermCheck Fertility Test



Key Specs
  • Cost: $39.99
  • Time to Receive Results: 7 minutes
  • What Test Measures: Sperm count
Why We Chose It

SpermCheck offers an easy and convenient at-home sperm test for just $40. The test results are ready in minutes. With only two options on the test—normal sperm count or low sperm countresults are easy to understand.

Pros & Cons 
  • Less expensive

  • Easy to use

  • Results ready within minutes

  • Gives a fairly basic analysis of sperm count

  • No professional support for results


SpermCheck is a quick and simple way to check your overall sperm count with no need to mail in your sample. It only looks at your sperm count, so it’s a more basic fertility measure than many of the other tests, but it’s a good starting point since a low sperm count is the leading cause of male infertility.

The test works like an at-home pregnancy or Covid test, so it’s easy to use and understand. To use, mix your semen sample with the solution provided. You then place drops of the mixture on the testing device (much like an at-home Covid test) and within minutes, colored lines will appear on the device to indicate your results.

However, it is also the most basic. It only looks at sperm count, and rather than giving an estimated number, the results are either normal or low. In addition, it is an entirely self-contained test, meaning that you take the test and review the results entirely on your own with no professional support or guidance.

Best for Professional Support : ProoV Sperm Test



Key Specs
  • Cost: $79
  • Time to Receive Results: 10 minutes
  • What Test Measures: Sperm motility and concentration 
Why We Chose It 

ProoV offers an easy to use at-home sperm test along with virtual doctor visits, on-call health professionals, and an accompanying app for additional support. 

Pros & Cons 
  • Fertility care team available seven days a week

  • The app provides additional fertility tools

  • Comes with two sperm tests

  • Costs extra to meet with doctor virtually

  • At-home test means greater risk of user error


The ProoV at-home YO male fertility test kit comes with two FDA-approved sperm tests which measure sperm concentration and motility, and the free YO app for additional support. The company also offers professional support in the form of virtual doctor visits and community support with its Facebook group. 

The YO sperm test measures sperm concentration and motility and provides a video of your swimmers in action that you can share with your doctor. Results are ready in minutes and after testing. The app provides fertility improvement tools along with fertility experts near you. 

ProoV also offers virtual doctor visits with a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist. There are two doctor consultation options to choose from: 

  • 10-minute consultation ($60): Includes a thorough interpretation of your test results along with recommendations for next steps.
  • 30-minute consultation ($165): The doctor will take a complete medical history for both partners, analyze your test results, and offer recommendations for next steps. 

Reviewers have often mentioned the company’s incredible customer service.

Best for Couples : ProoV His and Hers Fertility Starter Kit



Key Specs
  • Cost: $159
  • Time to Receive Results: 10 minutes 
  • What Test Measures: Sperm motility and concentration, FSH, E1G, LH and PdG hormone levels, and pregnancy   
Why We Chose It 

The His and Hers Fertility Starter Kit from ProoV provides a complete way to determine your fertility as a couple with tests for ovulation, sperm motility, and pregnancy. In addition, it offers one-on-one professional and community support.

Pros & Cons 
  • Includes hormone and ovulation tests 

  • Comes with two sperm tests 

  • App offers extra fertility resources for both partners

  • More expensive

  • Costs more to talk to doctor about results

  • Regular testing can become costly


ProoV offers a His and Hers Fertility Starter Kit that comes with three at-home tests: one to check sperm health, one to check your partner’s hormones and ovarian reserve, and a pack of 10 pregnancy tests. 

Urine analysis is done using fast-reacting test strips for ovulation and pregnancy and sperm analysis is completed with an at-home device. Both the ovulation and sperm test come with an app that can help interpret the results and provide tools and tips to improve fertility. Along with that, health professionals are on call seven days a week via email to provide assistance.

For even more help, you can schedule a virtual doctor visit with a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist (costs $60 to $165 for a 10- or 30-minute consultation).

It’s worth noting that the complete fertility test for her only measures hormone changes associated with ovulation and doesn’t detect other fertility issues. It also only covers one full cycle, so regular testing can be costly. 

Most Budget-Friendly : MyLabBox Male Fertility Test



Key Specs
  • Cost: $89
  • Time to Receive Results: 10 minutes 
  • What Test Measures: Sperm motility and concentration
Why We Chose It 

The male fertility test from myLabBox is an affordable way to measure two key factors of sperm health: motility and concentration. One box contains two tests so you can monitor changes over time.

Pros and Cons 
  • Includes two semen analysis test kits

  • App offers tools for fertility improvement

  • Results ready in minutes

  • Shipping takes three to five days 

  • No one-on-one support offered


myLabBox offers a number of at-home health tests including the YO+Sperm Test which measures sperm motility and concentration. The kit comes with two tests for under $100, making it the most affordable comprehensive test kit we reviewed. 

The test provided is the FDA-approved YO-Sperm testing system with a free YO app. The app also includes fertility improvement tools, such as resources for diet and exercise recommendations. Testing is done entirely at home and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Results will tell you if your sperm count is in the low, moderate, or optimal range. They also include a live video of your sperm as it appears under a microscope which can be shared with your doctor.

Although the company offers a free physician consultation for positive STI test results, there doesn’t appear to be the same level of support offered for fertility testing. 

Final Verdict 

For those wanting a comprehensive semen analysis along with the option of sperm freezing, Legacy Semen Analysis and Fellow Semen Analysis are the best options. While both offer cryogenic freezing services and analysis of all aspects of sperm health, Legacy stands out in that it also offers DNA fragmentation analysis and a video call with a fertility expert to review your results.

However, these are two pricier options, so if you’re looking for something more affordable with results ready at home, check out myLabBox At-Home Male Fertility Test and SpermCheck Fertility test.

Compare the Best At-Home Sperm Test 

 Company Cost  Time to Results  What Test Measures 
Legacy Semen Analysis Best Analysis with Cryogenic Storage $395 48 hours Sperm volume, count, concentration, motility, morphology
Labcorp Men’s Rapid Fertility Test Best for Fast Results $199  6 minutes  Sperm concentration, volume 
Fellow Semen Analysis Best for Comprehensive Analysis $189  1.5 days  Sperm volume, count, Concentration, motility, total motile count, morphology 
SpermCheck Fertility Test Best for Easy Testing $39.99  7 minutes  Sperm count 
ProoV Sperm Test Best for Professional Support $79  10 minutes  Sperm motility 
Everlywell At-Home Testosterone Test Best for Testosterone Levels $69  5 days  Total testosterone levels 
His and Hers Fertility Kit Best for Couples ProoV $159  10 minutes  Sperm motility 
MyLabBox At-Home Male Fertility Test Most Budget-Friendly $89  30 minutes  Sperm motility 

Guide to Choosing the Best At-Home Sperm Test 

What Does An At-Home Sperm Test Entail?

At-home sperm tests allow you to collect and analyze a semen sample without going to a doctor’s office. Some tests may be mailed to a lab for analysis while others allow you to read the results at home. These tests check whether sperm is present in the semen and can be a good preliminary indication of male fertility. Sperm count is always included, but other factors may also be analyzed, including sperm motility (the ability of sperm to move efficiently), sperm morphology (the size and shape of the sperm), volume (the amount of semen produced), and sperm concentration (the number of sperm per milliliter of semen). 

Who Are At-Home Sperm Tests For? 

At-home sperm tests can be useful for any person with testicles who wants to check their sperm levels, such as people who are trying to conceive or want to verify post-vasectomy results. At-home sperm tests can be especially beneficial for those who don’t have a fertility clinic nearby or those who feel self-conscious about giving a semen sample in an office setting.

How to Compare the Best At-Home Sperm Tests 

There are a number of key elements to look for when determining the best at-home sperm test for you:

  • Test features: Make sure the test you choose analyzes a variety of sperm health factors so you can get the best picture of your overall sperm health.
  • Lab used: For tests that lab professionals analyze, ensure the lab has CLIA certification.
  • Easy-to-use instructions: Make sure the test is not too complicated or it can leave room for human error.
  • Accuracy: You need to be confident the test you take is accurate. Look for studies on company websites that back up their accuracy claims.
  • Sample collection methods: Sample collection is vital to the test sample being untainted and accurately collected. Make sure you are comfortable with the collection method.
  • Result delivery: Make sure results are provided on a secure platform that protects your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Do At-Home Sperm Tests Check For?

    At-home sperm tests typically check a number of “critical factors in determining whether a couple can conceive naturally,” says nurse and subject matter expert, Lindsay Modglin. These can include:

    • Sperm count: The total number of sperm in a semen sample
    • Sperm concentration: The number of sperm per one milliliter of semen
    • Sperm motility: The ability of sperm to move effectively
    • Sperm morphology: The size and shape of sperm
    • Sperm vitality: The number of live sperm in a semen sample
  • What Are the Benefits of an At-Home Sperm Tests?

    The biggest benefit of an at-home sperm test is the convenience factor. Tests can be ordered online and done in the privacy of your home, which allows for maximum comfort. It’s also helpful for those who don’t live near a fertility clinic or have trouble getting around.

  • Are At-Home Sperm Tests Recommended By Medical Experts?

    Given their convenience, many fertility experts find that at-home fertility tests are a helpful first step for couples trying to conceive. However, Modglin cautions against using them as a substitute for clinic-based testing.

    “Only careful and comprehensive analysis from a qualified medical provider can diagnose infertility and provide tailored advice on possible treatment options,” she says.  In addition, tests taken at home have a higher risk of user error.

  • Are At-Home Sperm Tests Covered by Insurance?

    That depends. Some health plans will cover fertility testing and treatment, but they won’t always cover at-home tests. Additionally, not every sperm testing company accepts insurance, although many do accept HSA or FSA payments.


We reviewed 13 different at-home sperm tests to find the best ones. Our data collection team prioritized fertility tests that are diagnostically valid and reliable. In addition, we considered cost, ease of use, speed of results, FSA/HSA eligibility, and accuracy. For some, receiving results quickly is the most important factor while others are interested in more budget-friendly options. Therefore, we looked for a variety of tests to meet individual needs.

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