Just wait until she eats the wheat grass.

By Victoria Moorhouse, MIMI
February 19, 2016

Um, hello! Who knew that Adele was so good at pranks? The singer teamed up with the queen of comedy herself, Ellen Degeneres, for quite possibly the best prank we've watched in years. But actually.

For a segment of Ellen's show, Adele (who was having an amazing hair day!) mic'd up and headed into a Jamba Juice while Ellen fed her insanely hilarious and downright crazy things to say/ask the employees. For example, Ellen started by having Adele ask if she could have a large smoothie in a small cup. She kicked things up a few notches by having Adele literally reach over the counter and cut her own wheat grass with scissors she had in her purse and then chow dow on it. It only gets better!

In true beauty lover fashion, we lost it when Ellen told Adele [fast-forward to 3:50] to have someone brush her hair.

While everyone here was actually LOLing, we were also pretty impressed with the fact that Adele managed to keep a somewhat-straight face. Just click play, promise it's worth it.

And if you don't get any laughs out of it (but we're sure you will), you'll definitely get some beauty inspo. Her signature cat-eye couldn't have looked better.