We'll show you how to apply yellow eyeshadow like a pro, and which products make it pop.

Whether it’s your fitness routine or your wardrobe, taking a chance and trying something new can lead to great changes. And the same goes for your beauty choices too. Even if you’re a mascara-only kind of gal, rocking a bold lip or bright eyeshadow can make you feel like you totally transformed your look—with minimal effort.

To mix things up, try this sunny yellow makeup look. We know it sounds a little out-there, but the warm color is a refreshing departure from classic neutral hues like beige or brown. Plus, the edgy shadow makes every eye color pop, making blues appear even brighter and livening up browns as well.

In this video, we’ll show you which products to apply to wear yellow eyeshadow like a pro, plus how to master soft blush and a neutral lip too. For the eyes, all it takes is a couple base coats and you’ll be ready to swipe on the vibrant shadow that’s sure to make you look more awake (no matter how little you slept the night before).

Want to get the look? First apply eyeshadow primer to your eyelids, then follow up with a concealer. Next add highlighter to the corners of each eye for a brighter appearance. Using a small brush, coat each eyelid with a brown eyeshadow first. Start with wider coverage near the corner of the eye and narrow in as you move away from the center of the face.

Once you’ve applied the brown eyeshadow, add a layer of opaque flesh-colored shadow to the eyelids and directly under the lower lash line as well. Follow up with a coating of your yellow shadow.

Next apply liquid foundation to the face, setting it with a powder. Use a pencil to fill in the eyebrows, then highlight the brow bone. Finally, apply a subtle pop of pink blush to the cheekbones and complete the look with a soft rose lip. Voila!

Watch the video above to see how easily you can do this sunny yellow makeup look on your own. Don’t be surprised if your friends fawn over the new you either.