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Last night, the 44-year-old actress stepped out on the red carpet with minimalist eye makeup and slicked-back bangs. It didn't take long to see hateful headlines like “What has Uma Thurman done to her face?”

Lisa Lombardi
February 10, 2015

Uma Thurman stepped out on the red carpet last night with minimalist eye makeup and slicked-back bangs and suddenly the internet is blowing up with hateful headlines like "What has Uma Thurman done to her face?"

More than one story calls the 44-year-old actress, star of the new NBC miniseries The Slap, "unrecognizable" and hints that she's had work done. (It reminds us of how Renee Zellweger, 45, was treated a few months back, and how awesomely she stood up for herself.)

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Really, can't a 40-something woman show up at a Hollywood party without the world checking her face for lines (gasp!) or signs of tweaks (oh, the horror!)? The problem with this line of commentary on her so-called transformation is that the woman in question is screwed either way: She's either getting too old or she's trying to hide that she's getting too old. Even worse, these articles rely on euphemism ("something's different..."), which is just a coward's form of bullying.

If anything—and not that it matters—Uma went natural. She's wearing next-to-no eye makeup, which we hear is a big trend, though it's not for everyone. Without mascara and eyeliner, yep, women look different. Shocker. She looks terrific to us and, I suspect, to the majority of women, the kind who don't leave snarky comments on gossip sites.

She has soft lines around her eyes, those happy little smile signs that show you've lived a little. Or hopefully a lot. Incidentally, we hear they're always on trend and never, ever going out of style.

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