There was a time when eye makeup was the domain of teenage boys who where going through a rebellious period or musicians in a glam rock band. Not anymore.

By Barbara Stepko
February 25, 2015
Photos: Getty Images

There was a time when eye makeup was the domain of teenage boys who where going through a rebellious period or musicians in a glam rock band. Not anymore. After taking a gander at the red carpet on Oscars night, one thing is crystal-clear: Man makeup has gone mainstream.

Presenter Jared Leto, who is kind of a trailblazer in this bold and beautiful frontier, seemed to have accentuated his baby-blues with a few coats of black “manscara” and “guyliner.” Look closely and you might detect some eye makeup on Channing Tatum and John Travolta, too. And were we mistaken, or was Birdman star Michael Keaton sporting a bit of brown eye shadow on his arched, Nicholson-eque brows at the Hollywood Film Awards a few months ago?

Chris Lanston, a celebrity makeup artist who’s worked with Robin Thicke and James Van Der Beek, declared to ABC News, “As far as men go, I think that they’re stepping out of the box and are becoming more aware of their beauty.” Lanston goes on to guesstimate that while male celebs might not want to cop to it, “I’d say about 75 percent have some type of product on their eyes...I think you’re going to see a lot more of it in the future."

Translation: Get used to it, ladies. That whole metrosexual thing has opened a Pandora’s Box of primping, and there’s no going back to the days when a guy just slapped on the Old Spice, ran a hand through his hair, and headed out the door. Today’s man wants to look good—I mean, really good.

Just get a load of Oscar host Neil Patrick Harris’s pre-event regimen, which his groomer Sonia Lee offered up to It included cleanser, an anti-fatigue eye treatment, facial moisturizer (applied with a foundation brushso it ensures an even application”), a face mattifier ("to tamp down any shine") and eye drops. We won’t get into the hair products.

Even NPH’s tighty-whities moment wasn’t left to chance: Before he ran on stage, Lee quickly applied lotion to his sculpted abs.

Hey, I’m not complaining—anything to make male arm candy look sweeter is OK by me. That is, unless my date for a black-tie event ends up looking too good (as in, a hell of a lot better than I do). Then those lotions, potions, and liners are toast.

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