We knew we liked you, YMCA goers.
Credit: Getty Images

If checking in at your destination on social media comes as naturally to you as, say, brushing your teeth in the morning, then you must be very familiar with the folks over at FourSquare, who just released the results of a survey that reveals a ton about you based on where you like to sweat.

For example, according to the app's research, folks who hit the YMCA to tone their bods are four times more likely to also check in at a local liquor store and doubly apt to chow down at Chipotle. Planet Fitness folks prefer fried chicken establishments (but who doesn't?) and have a major appreciation for salsa dancing. Ole!

Not surprising whatsoever, those who splurge on Equinox memberships continue to enjoy the finer things in life outside of the gym, checking in at juice bars, airport lounges, expensive boutiques and, interestingly, hitting up gluten-free restaurants (we don't quite get that connection, but we are fascinated).

And if you love to turn up the torq at Flywheel, your friends can probably find you at indie theaters, sculpture gardens, or Buddhist temples when you're out of the saddle. That being said, the survey also notes that a Flywheeler also loves a good brunch with a Bloody Mary.

Feel free to take these fun tidbits with a grain of salt, but we know the next time we're on the tread at the Y, we're going to wonder if the person next to us is grabbing a burrito afterwards.