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January 13, 2016
James White

James WhiteThe January/February 2016 issue of Health features the perfect skin cream, the coolest smart watches for fitness, hot new workout clothes, and a series of products that will help you get the best night of sleep of your life.

Discover where to buy all of them with this guide.

Page 22: Dry Shampoo 2.0

Page 22: How to Pack the Perfect Travel Makeup Bag

Page 22: Renew Your Glow

Page 29: Your Skin vs. Winter

Page 39: Show Your Strands Some Love

Page 55: The Upper Body Fat Blast

Page 60: Watch Out

Page 62: Ready, Set, Buff (Coming soon)

Page 73: Your Body on the Clock

Page 81: Your Best Sleep Starts Here

Page 109: Strong and Lean in 2016

Page 120: Shake Up Your Makeup

Page 144: Beauty Uses for Coffee