By Kelly Bryant,
Updated March 02, 2021

Meet your new girl crush. Kate Foster lost her leg to leukemia and a severe infection when she was just 12 years old, a horrifying blow to anyone but particularly devastating for the young gymnast who has previously been killing it on the competition circuit. So inspiring.

Foster's coach said she had never coached a one-legged gymnast before, but she was willing to try if she was. No small challenge considering the competition rules aren't bent for anyone, regardless of whether you have one leg or two. But Foster is holding her own, living by the motto her dad reminds her of: "You're modified, you're not broken." We love a girl who is willing to make history.

While she's pursuing her gymnastics career now, Foster says she hopes to one day become a doctor. We have a feeling there's no goal she can't accomplish. Just watch the video—we dare you to disagree.