Watch 100 Years of Beauty Trends in 1 Minute

This clip might just give you some retro hair and makeup inspiration.

From flapper to grunge in the blink of an eye: a new time lapse video showcases 100 years of hair and makeup trends in just over one minute.

The production team at Cut Video filmed a model as hair and makeup artists transformed her look to recreate 11 decades' worth of popular styles, starting in 1910 with half-up Edwardian curls and ending with sleek 2010 waves—and duck-faced selfies.

The video has more than 3.5 million views so far and Cut says there are more versions to come with women and men from different racial backgrounds.

“Our goal is to do this with many different models and show how our concept of beauty has evolved,” Mike Gaston, the company’s creative director, told Good Morning America.

“We want to reflect how beauty has been represented over the course of 100 years among different types of people.”

In the meantime, this video might just give you some retro hair and makeup inspiration for tomorrow.

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