Here's how she creates hair-like strokes in seconds.

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So many of us want to channel the bold brows we see on our Instagram feeds, but struggle with the best way to fill in sparse areas for a natural look. Take Reddit user Bikinipiglet, a self-proclaimed "amateur makeup enthusiast" who recently shared a photo of her summery eye shadow look r/MakeupAddiction. After posting the photo, though, she immediately started getting questions about her eyebrow game. Luckily, she began a new thread to spill her brow routine secrets—and we're taking notes.

Credit: Bikinipiglet/Reddit

No powders, pencils, or brow gels here: She revealed that her brow sculpting kit includes just one product, Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow ($23; To use the pigmented gel to create hair-like strokes, she uses MAC 266 Small Angle Brush ($20;, which has a thin tapered edge to make applying fine lines easy. "I have tried a few different angled brushes," she says in a comment on her post. "And nothing has been as good [this brush] at creating small hair-like strokes in the same way."

Credit: Bikinipiglet/Reddit

Commenters have been swooning over her before-and-after transformation, and Bikinipiglet has had to repeatedly reiterate in the comments of the post that her brows were not microbladed, tinted, or tatooed—simply artfully stroked into existence by her beloved 266 brush.

"I would’ve guessed this was a before/after for microblading if I hadn’t seen your comment," wrote one impressed Redditor.

In the comments, she also revealed a few more helpful tips about her brow routine: For one, she’s never used a brow stencil for shaping, and her only maintenance is the occasional at-home plucking to tidy things up. As far as her technique with Aqua Brow, she says she avoids loading up her brush with too much product as she thinks it makes it more difficult to achieve fine strokes. She also recommends filling in the front of brows last without going in for more product, just using what’s left on the brush for a natural finish.

We’re beyond impressed that this stunning eyebrow transformation required just one product and a little patience, and apparently Bikinipiglet is also a bit shocked at the overflow of praise. "I have had real problems with my eyebrows from overplucking at an early age," she says in a comment. "So I'm really surprised so many people picked up on them!!”

Kudos to her for turning an overplucking problem into a seriously flawless brow game.