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With a rising number of growth serums available at our disposal these days, it’s about time we left stubby, sparse lashes in the past. It seems like everyone is on board, considering one vegan brand sold 5,000 units of its cult volumizing lash serum in one month. If it feels like you’re late to discover this coveted gem, you’re actually right on time; it’s currently on sale in celebration of Memorial Day.

Vegamour’s VegaLASH serum will bring you fuller, thicker lashes with consistent use over the course of 30 days. It’s formulated without all the harsh stuff—no hormones or carcinogens—so it’s perfectly safe for regular use and won’t cause irritation. Natural ingredients red clover and mung bean work in conjunction to slow DHT production, a compound found in testosterone that causes hair to thin out.

Vegamour VegaLASH

Shoppers have voiced how much love they have for this growth serum, saying the applications are effortless, and the results are far better than other serums they’ve tried.

“I don't think I've ever gotten better, faster results than with Vegalash,” wrote one. “My lashes grew so long and dark in just one month. I had to get a lash lift to keep them out of my eyes!

“This is my favorite lash serum,” said another. “It gave good length, but most importantly VOLUME!! It never irritated my eyes or darkened my eyelids like I've experienced with other brands.”

While the VegaLASH serum is Vegamour’s most popular product, the brand’s GRO Hair Serum and VegaBROW Volumizing Serum aren’t far behind. If you’d prefer to take supplements or gummies, they’ve got you covered on those, too.

Join the growing number of loyal followers and snag the best-selling lash serum for 25 percent off this weekend by using code FRESH25 at checkout. Vegamour is also offering discounts on additional products, like it’s best-selling hair growth serum.

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