Would you dare to display miniature lady bits on your nails? This latest beauty trend to hit social media takes body positivity to a whole new level.

By Julia Naftulin
Updated August 17, 2017

Want to really make a statement with your manicure? Look no further than the latest nail trend taking over the internet: vagina nail art.

This beauty fad is exactly what it sounds like—painting or embellishing nail beds with miniature vaginas. Across social media, body-positive women are sharing photos of the lady bits decorating their fingertips, which all differ at least slightly in shape, size, and color.

Putting little hoo-has on your nails might be the newest way to make your mani stand out, but out-of-the-box (ha!) nail crazes of all kinds have been sweeping the digital world, with bold trendsetters gluing everything from succulent plants to dead scorpions on their tips.

If showing support for women's sexual health with a manicure is more your style, you might want to look into period-themed nail art (yes, it's also a thing).

And if you're not one for a vagina-themed nail job, you can't argue with the importance of understanding and loving this amazing body part.