This Work-Appropriate Messy Top Knot Looks Like You Actually Tried

You: 1. Bad Hair Days: 0.

If, like us, you have zero time to blow dry your hair, then you’ve probably searched Pinterest to find that perfect hairdo that won’t monopolize your morning and yet is still stylish. When a classic ponytail won’t cut it, we recommend opting for this chic, effortless messy top knot, the answer to all your weekday hair woes.

First of all, this whimsical look from celebrity hairdresser Kendall Dorsey, delivers enough style for any occasion. Seriously. Need a cute but professional hairstyle for work? Messy top knot. Running late to Saturday brunch with friends? Messy top knot. Want a romantic updo for your sister’s wedding? You get the picture.

Even if you only have 10 minutes to commit to your tresses in the morning, this gorgeous last-minute bun will get you out the door fashionably on time. When you just can’t with your hair, this pretty top knot looks fresh and cool without hardly trying.

1. Run mousse through your roots.

2. Curl the bottom half of your hair.

3. Loosely gather hair to the top of the head and tie off in a relaxed ponytail.

4. Hold ponytail up vertically by the ends of your hair, and tease it with a brush.

5. Wrap hair around the base of the ponytail and pin it down, placing pieces of hair strategically to get that ‘messy’ look.

6. Apply more mousse to the bun, scrunching it slightly with your palms, and pull a couple of face-framing wispy pieces of hair out from around your ears.

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