Dye job feeling flat and tired? Boost your hue without a major makeover.

Dye job feeling flat and tired? To boost your hue without a major makeover, simply lighten or darken your current color by one or two shades, suggests Nikki Ferrara, a colorist at Marie Robinson Salon in New York City. Here are three trends we love, along with a little A-list inspiration:

If you're a blond, try honey.

The creamy, buttery shade complements most skin tones (versus platinum, which can be harsh and aging).
Maintenance FYI: Cleanse with a purple color-correcting shampoo to avoid brassiness.
Celeb inspiration: Blake Lively

If you're a redhead, try rose-gold.

A bit more intense than strawberry blond, the light auburn hue works on anyone with fair skin.
Maintenance FYI: Beat fading with an at-home color gloss or glaze between salon visits.
Celeb inspiration: Jessica Chastain

If you're a brunette, try chocolate.

Anyone can rock a rich allover (highlight-free) brown, but it looks best on those with medium to olive complexions.
Maintenance FYI: A lightweight shine spray enhances glossiness.
Celeb inspiration: Zoe Saldana