Still the most important meal of the day.

By Kelly Bryant,
Updated March 02, 2021
Credit: Getty Images

For years I've been trying to downplay the importance of breakfast in my head. I'm just not a breakfast girl. When I go to brunch with friends I get irrationally angry if there aren't enough lunch options on the menu. Breakfast just isn't my thing.

But here's the thing—it needs to be. A study published in Pediatric Obesity shows that eating two breakfasts is actually better for you than eating none at all.

The study, conducted by researchers at both Yale and the University of Connecticut, followed 600 middle-schoolers from fifth to seventh grade, logging their weight and how many times they ate breakfast in a day (at home, at school, or at both). As it turns out, those who ate two breakfasts a day didn't have more weight gain than the average found among all of the kids. But the children who didn't eat breakfast (or only occasionally start their day off with the morning meal) were double as likely to be overweight or obese than the kiddos double-dosing on breakfast.

Unfortunately this is where the information stops—the researchers don't have solid evidence as to why two breakfasts are better than none at all. They theorize that if you skip breakfast in the morning you may overeat later in the day to compensate.

So there you go, breakfast believers, just another reason to keep chowing down before 10 AM. Now if only I could persuade myself to enjoy an egg white omelet instead of a burger.