Such happy news.

By Kelly Bryant,
Updated March 03, 2021

As you're probably already well-aware, we celebrate diversity over here at MIMI and each time another positive movement comes along in the beauty world we're basically overjoyed. So when we heard that 32-year-old Katie Meade, a model with Down syndrome, was just named the face of haircare line Beauty & Pin-Ups we got pretty pumped. This is the first time a model with the condition has fronted a beauty line's product launch.

Specifically Meade is promoting Beauty & Pin-Ups new Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment and she looks absolutely stunning.

"People see me for who I am and they see me not as someone with a disability, but that I have ability," Meade told People in an interview. "And I like to try new different things and I inspire women to do that. Beauty belongs to everybody."

The brand's CEO Kenny Kahn explains that while they were initially looking to cast a model similar to those who already appear on their packaging, Meade's enthusiasm and true fearlessness stood out as a perfect match.

"She just owns it," he says. "She just has fun, she's comfortable within herself she is really excited to be our brand ambassador."

Congrats to Meade and cheers to breaking down beauty barriers.