Inside the tail-wagging trend.

By Alyssa Clough,
Updated March 03, 2021

Mankind has always had a deep, deep love for their four-legged, furry friends. And while we just recently found a place in our hearts for the man bun, it didn't take long for humanity to skip straight to what is quite possibly the cutest pup trend we've seen in a while: Dogs with man buns.

The Internet has been aflutter—and rightfully so—criticizing dogs' owners for tying their ears back. Needless to say, if your dog does not have enough fur to bun (or even tie in a ponytail), please do not opt for their ears instead. It can be seriously harmful to their ears and hearing—and nobody wants to jeopardize their dog's health for a trendy (and adorable) #DogBun photo. Opting for a scrunchie or thin hairband would probably be the most comfortable—and cute—on your pooch, too.

Here are a few of our favorite (safe!) #DogBun photos. Thanks, Internet.

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