Get ready for some real talk.

By Kelly Bryant,
Updated April 13, 2016
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When it comes to beauty, few tell it like it is better than social media star Amanda Steele, who has gained the trust of her many followers by being super honest in her videos. In fact, she's always been up front about the fact that she's had issues with acne but never disclosed how she got rid of the blemishes until now.

In a recent video, Steele shares the details of what worked for her in regards to getting healthy, clear skin and it mainly involved a trip to the dermatologist for medication and a prescription cream. So, no, you can't just pop on in to our local drugstore to pick up her successful regimen, but it's further proof that if your acne just isn't budging, it may be time to see a doctor for your own personalized solutions.

Steele does offer up the name of the meds and cream she was prescribed so that you can ask your dermatologist about them, too. She also fesses up to her love for Lancome Absolue White Aura, a pricey cream (it runs about $250) that she admits the company sent to her but feels absolutely heavenly on her skin and totally worth the high price point. Steele is also gaga for First Aid Beauty's line of skincare products.

It's always super refreshing to hear about someone else's skin struggles and how they coped, so you should definitely check out Steele's video to get the scoop straight from her mouth. After all, who among us can't use some honest, unfiltered beauty advice?